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Bake Offs Jurgen sparks uproar as Paul and Prue eat dish dropped on floor: ‘Oh no!’

Great British Bake Off: Jurgen drops his sausage rolls

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The quarter-finals of the Great British Bake Off saw the remaining contestants put their skills to the test during Free From week. In the technical challenge, the contestants were asked to make eight identical vegan sausage rolls using puff pastry and surrounded by a mushroom and walnut filling and accompanied by a sticky, caramelised red onion chutney. As the pressure began to rise for the bakers, Jurgen, unfortunately, dropped his sausage rolls on the floor but still served them to Channel 4 judges Paul and Prue.

Before leaving the tent, Prue advised the bakers: “Flavour always matters, but in this recipe, it is absolutely key.”

As the bakers set off, Jurgen told the camera: “I’ve never made sausage rolls before, I haven’t made vegan rough puff pastry.”

Whilst making his pastry, Jurgen told Noel Fielding: “This is for the puff business and is a bad thing here, the butter leaked out, which means bad lamination.”

As the bakers began to put their vegan sausage rolls in the oven, pressure began to rise as they still had to create the chutney to accompany them.

Checking their bakes, Giuseppe said: “They are somewhat rising, it’s a good sign you have done something right.”

Crystelle was worried about the look of hers: “My pastry looks like shortcrust pastry, and I laminated it.”

However, Jurgen suffered the biggest blow when he dropped all eight of his pastries onto the floor.

“I’m just turning the tray…this is bad, ah, you didn’t see it,” he said to the camera as he began to place them back on the tray.

Despite dropping them on the floor, Jurgen continued to use the pastries he had made and served them to Paul and Prue without telling them.

After tasting his sausage rolls, Prue commented: “They’re a bit big and clumsy, aren’t they?” to which Paul replied: “The colour looks nice though, it’s a bit dry.”

Jurgen’s vegan sausage rolls were ranked at fourth, as Paul said: “It’s a bit of a mess, Jurgen, they take thick and untidy.”

Viewers of the show took to Twitter to express their worry for Jurgen’s pastries and also the fact he hadn’t told them they had been dropped.

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@ShanghaiHannah wrote: “Does Jurgen not know about the five-second rule? Pick them up faster!”

@rhithesmeghead also commented: “I can guarantee that every single person in the UK watching Bake Off just gasped when Jurgen dropped his sausage rolls!”

@Ariadne_Reviews said: “Have they told Prue and Paul that Jurgen served them floor pastries?”

@Tcurran0 mentioned: “So are we meant to ignore the fact that Paul and Prue were served floor food by Jurgen on #bakeoff.”

Despite his sausage roll fail, Jurgen stayed in the competition but it was the end of Lizzie’s Bake Off journey as she was the next contestant to be eliminated from the Channel 4 show.

Speaking about her time on the programme, she said: “Do you know what, I feel really proud of myself, I’m really happy.

“I was so overwhelmed to even get here, now I’m a quarter-finalist, it’s such an amazing experience to meet the people that I have met.”

Paul also commented on her departure and said: “It’s really sad to see Lizzie go, she’s from my neck of the woods, the problem was she came up with an ace, and everyone else did as well.”

Great British Bake Off returns next Tuesday at 8pm on Channel 4. 
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