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Beat The Chasers viewers stunned as Bradley Walsh accidentally 'swears' after tense question slip-up

BEAT The Chasers viewers were stunned last night as host Bradley Walsh accidentally 'swore'.

Fans of the The Chase spin-off show couldn't stop laughing after believing he'd said "b*****k" instead of Sandra Bullock.

They were convinced the presenter had slipped up after tense questioning in last night's show.

Asking quizzing The Chasers about the space film Gravity – which stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock – to some it sounded like he said "b*****k" instead.

One wondered: "He did say Sandra B*****k, right? #BeatTheChasers."

Another wrote: "Did Bradley really just say ‘Sandra B*****k’ #BeatTheChasers," next to a series of laughing emojis.

Someone else laughed: "Sandra B*****k?? #BeatTheChasers."

Last night a former contestant from The Chase won on Beat The Chasers – after smug Mark 'The Beast' Labbett said that she had “no chance”.

After losing to Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan on The Chase, Claire came to Beat the Chasers to redeem herself – and fans were thrilled when she managed to do exactly that.

On Tuesday’s episode of the game show, Claire fancied a rematch with the Vixen alongside other chasers too.

Despite “tempting offers”, Claire chose to compete for £10,000 against three chasers.

And very confident Beast was so certain Claire would lose, referencing her past defeat as he jeered: “Well Claire you couldn’t beat the Vixen when she was a cub!

"You have no chance beating a few of us!”

Claire faced The Beast, The Dark Destroyer and a rematch with The Vixen.

The result was close, but Claire managed to win with a staggering nine seconds to spare.

Host Bradley Walsh congratulated Claire on her “great win” while the mortified Beast held his head in his hands.

“You’ve beaten the Chasers” Bradley cheered as Claire celebrated.  

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