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Below Deck Mediterranean: How did Malia White lose part of her finger?

Below Deck Mediterranean: Bravo previews latest season

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Below Deck Mediterranean is back with a new season and Captain Sandy’s crew is on board the Lady Michelle. Sandy Yawn and Malia White were two crew members who returned for another series, and they both have plenty of experience. Bosun Malia has opened up about how she lost part of her finger during an accident.

How did Below Deck’s Malia White lose part of her finger?

Malia White is one of the Below Deck Med veterans and she is back with more ambition than ever.

Her dream is to become captain of a superyacht and she is keen to follow in Captain Sandy’s footsteps.

She is not afraid to make herself known in the male-dominated industry and has set her goals very high.

She grew up with five older brothers, so she developed a natural passion for adventure.

Malia may not be afraid of a challenge, but she recalled one incident that got her into trouble as a child.

She had posted a photo of herself on Instagram and fans noticed she had lost the tip of her finger.

She said the accident happened she was four years old, saying: “I lost in an axe-ident! Lol seriously.”

When a fan recommended she tattoo a nail on, she said: “I actually have a nail that is painted! It’s just hard to see. I do have a tattoo of an axe on it though! lol.”

From this, it seems she lost the tip of her finger to an axe as a young child, but now makes light of the situation.

More recently, she has spoken about an accident she had this summer whilst on her scooter.

She was on one of her days off from working on a boat in Spain when she fell.

On Instagram, she said: “I’ve been riding scooters my whole life[,] was familiar with the equipment, wasn’t drinking and was 10 minutes from my boat.

“Accidents happen when you least expect them. Luckily, I was able to walk away with a few stitches, fractured elbow, broken toes, severe road rash and a very sore body.

“I don’t want to imagine what the case would have been without my helmet!”

She updated fans on her recovery, saying she was just waiting for a couple of broken bones to heal.

She is now allowed to carry out weight-bearing exercises in order to strengthen her muscles again.

The bosun joked that she struggled to “stay put” and she was happy to get active once again.

Performing a handstand, she said: “Just got cleared for weight bearing exercises. First attempt at a handstand since fracturing my elbow! Definitely favoring my left arm.”

She recalled the frightful event, saying she was grateful her fellow crew members were there to support her.

The star said: “Thankful for my crew members who were there that night.

“They flagged down a car who happened to be an off-duty police officer and he started giving me medical attention until the ambulance arrived.”

Commenting on the photo displaying her missing fingertip, fans told the bosun how “beautiful” she looked.

One said: “Why she gotta be so pretty for,” while another added: “Looks like you are almost back to 100%! So happy to see that!”

Below Deck Mediterranean airs on Bravo, Hayu, E4 and NOW.

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