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Below Decks Fraser Olender hits out at boss Heather Chase: ‘Didn’t see her doing much’

A dramatic look at Below Deck season 9 preview

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Season nine of the reality series kicked off in October as the series follows a crew of multi-million dollar charter boats in the Caribbean. The drama kicked off right from the start of the series, and while this is what viewers tune in for every week, steward Fraser Olender has taken a brutal swipe at colleague Heather Chase and didn’t hold his tongue with his response.

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live alongside Rayna Lindsey and host Andy Cohen, Fraser was asked how Heather could improve as a leader.

He savagely replied: “Doing a bit of work,” as his co-star Rayan giggled and agreed: “He’s speaking nothing but facts, child.”

Fraser continued to elaborate on the first “red flag” he encountered when working together and said: “I didn’t really notice it until the first trip.

“I just felt that I was everywhere, I love my job, and I love every part of it, I love the service and the housekeeping and everything else laundry included.

“But I can’t do everything at once, and I didn’t see Jess [Albert] doing much, and to be honest, I didn’t see Heather doing much.

“That bothered me because I was really doing my best to keep everything afloat,” he revealed.

Fraser also commented on Heather’s “tone” and the way she speaks to people on board and insisted he does things “differently”.

In the newest season, Fraser made his debut on Below Deck as a steward on board Captain Lee Rosbachs’ boat.

Viewers will remember the iconic moment where guest Michael Durham and Justin Richards had an argument with one another.

This resulted in the pair throwing verbal abuse at the workers on the boat, including Heather, who was told to throw herself off the boat.

Speaking to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, he reminisced over the experience and stated: “I hadn’t quite experienced anything like it.”

After Michael went to sleep, Justin proceeded to have an argument with another guest, Terri Augustyn, who was also very drunk.

She labelled him a “j*****s” because he insisted on having dinner on the swim platform as she yelled: “I’m going to f*****g kill him,” she added.

However, these weren’t the only threats being thrown that evening as Justin launched his verbal attack on new chief stew Heather.

As she tried to diffuse the situation, he told her: “I think it’s best you go f**k yourself and throw yourself off the boat.”

Captain Lee also reflected on Justin and Michael’s stay in his boat and branded them the “most disliked boat guests.”

Reflecting on their stay, he admitted: “I have done probably hundreds of charters, some were great, some not so much.

“But in all that time, I do not recall a group that I had more dislike for than this bunch, believe me, I have tried to come up with a descriptive term for how out of place they were.

“But I couldn’t think of one I could print, and let me tell you something that speaks volumes, I do hope I don’t have the displeasure of having these people on my bat again.

“Unless they make a miraculous recovery during the second half of their charter,” he teased.

Below Deck season nine continues every Monday at 8pm on Bravo. 
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