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Ben dead in tragic EastEnders twist after Stuart's brutal attack?

This was the shattering moment which saw Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) left for dead following a savage beating from Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ) in EastEnders – but will he survive the brutal attack? And how will Callum (Tony Clay) feel when he realises what his defensive brother has done to the man that he is falling for?

Having realised that there is a closeness between Halfway and Ben, Stuart wanted the lowdown from Callum, who admitted that his feelings for Ben were more of friendship. When Stuart asked if Callum was gay, he admitted he didn’t know but he insisted that he loves Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and doesn’t want to lose her.

Believing that Ben is deliberately trying to confuse Ben and come between Callum and Whitney, Stuart told him that that was all that mattered. Later, as the Pride celebrations got underway, Stuart managed to nab Callum’s phone and arranged a meeting with Ben at the Arches.

Ben was resigned to the fact that he was going to be attacked when Stuart walked in instead and ordered him to leave Callum alone. Ben defiantly told Stuart that he wasn’t scared of him and he could speak to Callum if he wanted – so Stuart took violent action.

Figuring out that Stuart had led Ben into a trap, Halfway’s eyes swam with tears as an oblivious Whitney danced beside him. At the same time, Ben didn’t fight back as Stuart dealt blow afterblow, leaving Ben bleeding and unconcsious.

It remains to be seen whether Stuart has killed Ben or whether he will survive this attack but it’s fair to say that this beating will have only made the situation even worse – and Callum will be distraught at what Stuart has done.

But should Stuart be worried about Ben’s revenge if he does pull through?

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