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Big Bang Theory plot hole: Sheldon Cooper’s Star Wars knowledge debunked

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Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons) adored the Star Wars franchise almost as much as he loved science on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory. He revelled in his immense knowledge of the films but, upon a rewatch, one fan has spotted an error with the character’s knowledge of the popular franchise.

Sheldon Cooper was always known on the series to be a major lover of comic books, video games, science fiction, and particularly Star Wars.

Star Wars was always incredibly important to the character and he frequently discussed it with his friends.

However, one fan has noticed a plot hole with Sheldon’s supposed expertise knowledge of the Star Wars franchise that wasn’t in keeping with his character.

Writing on Movie Mistakes, the fan pointed out: “When Sheldon is telling Leonard, Amy and Penny about how his voice is like a white James Earl Jones, he quotes the famous Darth Vader line ‘Luke, I am your father’.”

They continued: “This is an example of the Mandela Effect, that apparently even Sheldon Cooper is susceptible to.

“Darth Vader actually says ‘No. I am your father.’” the fan explained.

The moment occurred during the season 11 episode The Relaxation Integration.

The Mandela effect is, of course, when somebody believes that their recollected memories, which are now distorted, are actually true recollections.

As most people are susceptible to the Mandela effect, this could explain why Sheldon got the famous quote wrong, especially if he hadn’t watched the film in a while.

After Sheldon began a relationship with Amy Farrah Fowler (Mayim Bialik), his Star Wars addiction began to cause problems.

In an episode where Sheldon was expected to go to his girlfriend’s aunt’s 93rd birthday party, he struggles to leave for the party after his friends tell him they’re having a 48-hour Star Wars online gaming marathon.

He later attends the birthday party but brings his laptop so he doesn’t miss anything.

However, Sheldon later skips the premiere of the newest Star Wars film to be with Amy on her birthday.

Later, when the pair eventually marry, the two are surprised at the wedding when officiate Will Wheaton is replaced by Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, much to the delight of them both.

Star Wars has clearly always been an important aspect in his life, so viewers loved seeing that it played a part on his wedding day as well.

So, despite his genius brain, the misquote was only a small blunder but Star Wars is still integral to Sheldon’s life.

Long-time fans of The Big Bang Theory were shocked when protagonist Sheldon found love and later married neurobiologist Amy.

Dedicated fans of the series couldn’t believe it when neurotic Sheldon began a relationship as he wasn’t the easiest person to live with.

However, they quickly became the show’s most popular couple as the unconventional pair’s love stemmed from their shared joy of science.

Thankfully, he managed to tone down his Star Wars obsession slightly in order to spend more time with his wife.

The Big Bang Theory is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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