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'Bob Hearts Abishola' Actor Vernee Watson Starred with Ashton Kutcher on 'Two and a Half Men' in Multiple Nurse Roles

When an actor works with Bob Hearts Abishola co-creator Chuck Lorre, they often return to work with him on several more shows. Mike & Molly actor Billy Gardell returned to play Bob Wheeler. Maribeth Monroe guest-starred on The Big Bang Theory before playing Christina. And Ashton Kutcher, Bob Hearts Abishola actor Vernee Watson, and Lorre teamed up a few times on Two and a Half Men.

When did Ashton Kutcher, ‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ actor Vernee Watson and Chuck Lorre team up?

Before Watson starred with Kutcher in Two and a Half Men, she guest-starred on the sitcom twice before. In Two and a Half Men Season 1, she appeared in episode 17 as an unnamed nurse.

After Charlie Sheen left the show and Kutcher joined the cast, she appeared as a different nurse taking care of Alan (Jon Cryer) in season 9.

Ashton Kutcher, Bob Hearts Abishola actor Watson, and Chuck Lorre all collided in Two and a Half Men Season 9, Episode 22. Watson again played a different nurse than the first two times she guest-starred on the show. She hilariously suspected Alan and Walden as lovers instead of just friends.

The Bob Hearts Abishola actor returned in Two and a Half Men Season 12, this time playing Karen, a flight attendant. Alan tried to pull a big romantic gesture for his girlfriend, but could not afford a plane ticket to get into the gate. And Watson’s character was not about to risk her job for it.

Vernee Watson guest-starred multiple times opposite Ashton Kutcher before joining ‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ in a similar role

While Watson did not play a nurse for every guest appearance she had with Ashton Kutcher, Bob Hearts Abishola cast her in a very familiar role.

Watson plays Gloria, a best friend to Abishola (Folake Olowofoyeku) and Kemi (Gina Yashere). Just like three of her appearances in Two and a Half Men, she plays a nurse.

She usually stands as the voice of reason among her friends. Gina Yashere ‘s Kemi often hatches schemes of getting what she wants, while Abishola tends to focus too much on work. Gloria finds herself playing the straight man in several episodes.

However, Bob Hearts Abishola and Two and a Half Men do not mark the only times that she played a nurse or doctor.

The actor keeps playing doctors and nurses in Chuck Lorre sitcoms

Besides playing nurses opposite of Ashton Kutcher, Bob Hearts Abishola actor Watson has played medical people in several Lorre sitcoms.

In The Big Bang Theory, she played Althea Davis, an emergency room nurse. She was one of three characters to transfer to the main show from the unaired pilot. The other two were Jim Parsons’ Sheldon and Johnny Galecki’s Leonard.

In the prequel series, Young Sheldon, she plays Nurse Robinson in two episodes.

In Mike & Molly, she appears in a hospital, but as an adoption advocate for Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy’s characters.

While Two and a Half Men actor Ashton Kutcher, Bob Hearts Abishola actor Vernee Watson, and Lorre only teamed up a few times, Lorre tends to bring actors back to his sitcoms. The possibility of the three working together again is not out of the question.

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