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Brad Pitt Lost Out on Role in Horror Movie Elvira: Mistress of the Dark Because He Was Too Cute

The ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ actor was rejected when he auditioned for a supporting role in Cassandra Peterson’s scary movie because he was ‘so damn cute.’

AceShowbizCassandra Peterson turned down Brad Pitt for a movie role because he was “just so damn cute.”

The actress – who is best known for her character Elvira from the 1988 comedy horror film “Elvira: Mistress of the Dark” – has revealed how the “Fight Club” star auditioned for a part, but the casting team felt it would’ve caused some issues with the story.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she said, “He auditioned for it and I was one of the people casting it and we decided, I said that he is just so damn cute that if he was there, there is no way I would like my boyfriend.”

“I would be after him and he’s playing underage so it wouldn’t be a good thing, but I did write ‘yum yum’ in the comments box. That’s the only thing that I remember… He was so cute. I mean, the guy was like 20 years old at the time.”

It wasn’t Cassandra and Brad’s only interaction, as he later tried to buy her home – which she still lived in at the time – when she was nine months pregnant.

The star – who has daughter Sadie Pierson, 27, with ex-husband Mark Pierson – quipped, “I mean, when he rang my doorbell and I waddled down there to see who was at the gate, I almost dropped the baby right then.”

“Really it would’ve been awesome to have Brad Pitt deliver my baby. And it came very close, I gotta say.”

The two would eventually end up as neighbours and Cassandra joked about the benefits of having the Hollywood hunk nearby.

“He was fantastic,” she added. “I’ll tell you the great part about having him as a neighbour is I walk down the street walking my dogs in the morning and he’d be there in this little garage area, like, punching a punching bag for his movie to keep fit and no shirt on or no anything and I mean, honest to god, I almost fainted every time I saw him.

“It was just too much first thing in the morning.”

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