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Brenda Edwards gushes to Lorraine over Loose Womens support after Jamals death

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Lorraine Kelly welcomed Loose Women star Brenda Edwards onto her show and the pair discussed the recent death of her son, music producer and pioneer Jamal Edwards.

Brenda was missing from the Loose Women panel after her son died back in February this year.

She dealt with his passing away from the spotlight but has recently rejoined the cast and is now reprising her role in Chicago, a character she first undertook back in 2006.

Lorraine welcomed Brenda to the show and they discussed her nerves during the production's recent rehearsals and Brenda said she was "nervous" as she was "joining the crew," whereas performers usually "open the show together".

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They then touched upon her return to Loose Women and Brenda praised her pals for their love and support during such a difficult time.

She said: "I missed them so much, I love all the different personalities, obviously, but everyone individually sent me messages, flowers, food. Judi and Charlene came round with food, it was too much. It was really nice, I appreciated that support. They've been really, really amazing."

Lorraine then touched upon the "royal support" the star has been receiving since his death.

Brenda continued: "I met Prince Charles, actually the second time I met him as Jamal has his MBE. I met him at the Commonwealth meeting. It was wonderful, he spoke to me, expressed his condolences. I thanked him for the beautiful flowers that he sent me, he said: 'Your son was amazing, he did so much over the decades,' it just made me really proud to hear that."

Brenda commented on "how many young people Jamal had helped" and said that the thought "keeps her going".

Lorraine gushed over the Loose Women star and said it was "good to see her" and Brenda admitted that "everyday" she "puts one foot in front of the other".

She said: "There are triggers and I don't know what they are, I allow myself, you need to allow yourself to grieve, to be able to cry when [you] want to cry. I pick myself back up [and say]: 'Come on then, let's get on with it'."

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