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Britbox includes racist and offensive language warnings for Grange Hill

The news that the entire first four series of Grange Hill was being uploaded to Britbox was music to the ears of many who hold the cult school drama in high regard – but the platform has included warnings for offensive and racist language.

The episodes of the infamous and gritty teatime show have launched today but, given the show began in 1978 and included storylines around hard drug use and racist bullying, the warnings have been put in place for language that would not be permitted to be included in pre-watershed programming today, including racist terms.

In fact, even back in the 80s, the BBC received a number of complaints from parents for its hard hitting nature and Phil Redmond, the show’s creator best known for bringing Brookside to life, was asked to tone down some of the more grim storylines.

BritBox describes show as agroundbreaking and gritty teen drama which deals with the perks and pitfalls of being adolescents including bullying, friendship, first love and loss.’

Watched by 12 million children and adults at its peak, Grange Hill also tackled knife crime, rape and autism and scenes also depicted abuse directed at an overweight pupil for attenting therapy.

The show was eventually axed in 2008, a move that caused furore at the time.

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