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‘Can’t blame the machine!’ Ben Shephard scolds Tipping point contestant

Tipping Point: Ben tells contestant he ‘can’t blame the machine’

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During a new episode of ITV’s Tipping Point on Wednesday afternoon, host Ben Shephard made a sarcastic joke against one of the contestants after they weren’t happy with how their counters were landing. Taking on the challenge, contestants Lynette, Cameron, Arthur, and Alice played for their chance to walk away with the jackpot of £10,000 or more. However, despite being in the lead, contestant Cameron was disappointed with the way his counters kept falling, leaving Ben to make a sarcastic comment.

At the beginning of the game, Cameron flew ahead and managed to bank £900, which took him into the next round.

Unfortunately for Lynette and Arthur, they both ended the round with £300 and had to go head to head with a sudden death question.

It was Lynette who came out on top and joined Cameron and Alice in the second round of the competition.

Cameron went on to answer six questions correctly during the 30 seconds of questions.

As he began to put his six counters in the machine, he moaned he hadn’t had one counter land flat yet.

“Have I had any land flat yet?” he asked.

After putting his third counter into the machine, he moaned it had ridden once again, to which Ben jibed: “Well, if you keep timing it like that, they’re not going to go flat, are they.

“You can’t blame the machine for that one, Cameron!”

Cameron ended the second round with £1800 and a mystery prize of a Bluetooth speaker.

Contestant Lynette also moaned about the position of the counters, to which Ben snapped: “Get your timing right on this, Lynette!”

Cameron made it through to the final round, where he had to answer six questions from the categories given.

After putting in his first two counters after getting the royalty question correct, he successfully dropped his counter without it riding.

Ben said: “Have you done the right thing? I think this is fair to say this is not textbook tipping point!”

Cameron joked: “It’s only taken me to the last round to get a hang of the counters! Let’s do this properly, see what happens when I do it properly!”

Ben laughed at Cameron’s joke and agreed: “You see what happens! You don’t need me to tell you!”

Cameron made his way through the categories and answered five out of the six questions correctly, racking up a nice sum of £3,500.

Once he had played all of the counters, Ben asked whether he would want to take the money home or trade his money for another three counters and try and win the jackpot.

Assessing his options, Cameron decided to not risk the money he had won and walk home with £3,500.

He told Ben: “There’s just not enough counters on the shelf for me, and £3,500 is a fantastic sum of money that I didn’t have before I started playing today so, I’m going to take the money.”

Cameron played the three counters to see if he made the right decision, which he did as the jackpot counter didn’t move any closer to the end of the tray.

Tipping Point airs weekdays from 3:30pm on ITV. 

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