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Casa Amor’s sexy girls set to tempt the Love Island guys revealed

Casa Amor is back and ready to add a good glug of temptation as six new sexy girls are invited into the villa.

This year there's a twist as the girls, instead of the guys, will be heading into Casa Amor.

The guys will stay in the villa but will be greeted by some fresh new faces.

Among them are a property developer, an actress, a make-up artist and a recruitment consultant.

But will they be able to turn any of the guys' heads?

Here's 2019's line-up…

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Lavena Back

Age: 23

From: Croydon

Occupation: Business developer

Best and worst traits: "I’d say I’m funny and always up for a laugh, I’m confident and I have a lot of good chat. People say that if I’m upset I keep it to myself too much, and then I end up ghosting people. But you can’t ghost people on the island."

Eye on anyone in the villa? "I like Tom, Danny and Anton. If I had my pick, I’d probably go for Michael but I feel like he’s really coupled up. But Anton seems very funny so we would bounce off each other."

Nabila Badda

Age: 29

From: London

Occupation: Hostess

Best and worst traits: "My three best are that I’m funny and quick witted, I don’t hold grudges and I get along with everyone – I’m an all rounder! My bad traits are that I’m stubborn, I cut my nose off to spite my face and if I don’t get what I want, I can be childish."

Eye on anyone in the villa? " I have got my eye on Anton. I think he is cheeky and I think he’s misunderstood by the girls in the villa."

Joanna Chimonides

Age: 22

From: London

Occupation: Recruitment consultant

Best and worst traits: "My three best personality traits are that I’m empathetic, I’m very bubbly so people feel comfortable around me and I’m intriguing. I look like the type to be stuck up but actually I’m nice! My worst personality traits are that I’m impulsive – I act on emotions when I should take a step back and think instead of reacting straight away. My honesty can also be a downfall, I’m far too honest and sometimes I should keep my mouth shut."

Eye on anyone in the villa? " Anton and Tom. With Anton I find his personality so attractive and he’s got banter, so I think we’d connect. Tom is my type and what I usually go for looks-wise so I’m hoping his personality matches his good looks."

Belle Hassan

Age: 21

From: Bromley

Occupation: Make-up artist

Best and worst traits: "I’m funny, I’m confident and I’m genuine. My worst traits… Have I really got any? I can be insecure at times I suppose and I am messy. When I get ready it looks like an explosion has gone off in my room!"

Eye on anyone in the villa? "Definitely Anton. Tom is good looking too and Tommy is gorgeous."

Jourdan Riane

Age: 24

From: Essex

Occupation: Model/actress

Best and worst traits: "Starting with the worst, I can be impulsive, impatient and stubborn. They’re very rare but I can be all of those. I’m very understanding, something I’ve trained myself to be. I’m very chilled and go with the flow, and I’m a good listener."

Eye on anyone in the villa? "In no order, my three would be Michael, Danny and the new Tom. He is beautiful. I also like Jordan."

Maria Wild

Age: 22

From: Cheltenham

Occupation: VIP host

Best and worst traits: "I’m quite passionate – whatever it is I am doing, I’m very all or nothing. Like I said, I’m very loving. I really do care about other people a lot. I’m very close to my family, that’s very important to me. I can be quite stubborn, I am an only child so I often expect to get my own way and I’m quite bossy."

Eye on anyone in the villa? "Deep down, it is Anton but I just can’t stop thinking about when he went in and talked about having a wandering eye. When I first saw him, I was not attracted to him but now I’ve watched him and got to know him, he’s funny and sweet."

*Love Island airs tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2

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