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Casualty spoilers: Lev suffers terrifying quad bike accident and Jade breaks down over spiking horror

LEV Malinovsky suffers a horrifying quad bike accident next week in Casualty, while Jade hatches a plan following her spiking ordeal.

Lev has been heading on a downward spiral in the BBC medical drama after Faith outed him in front of his colleagues. 

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And next week, Lev continues to avoid his colleagues, throwing himself into reckless motocross racing in order to distract himself. 

But as he races more and more dangerously, Lev has a horror accident and is mortified when Fenisha and Iain arrive to treat him.

When Lev refuses to head to the ED, Fenisha is forced to think on her feet and come up with a way to help him. 

Lev eventually agrees to be treated at the ambulance station, but is horrified by Fenisha’s attempts to make him feel at ease. 

Iain decides to step in and manages to connect with Lev, explaining he knows what it feels like to be in his situation.

As he and Lev grow closer, Iain urges him to stop hiding his true self and insists that no one will care if he's gay. 

Lev is emboldened by Iain’s words and returns to the ED, where he’s welcomed with open arms by his colleagues. 

Meanwhile, Jade opens up to Marty about her drink spiking ordeal. 

She’s left shaken, however, when a spiking victim is rushed into Resus and passes away. 

Jade grows furious at the justice system when it's clear nothing is going to happen and vows to take matters into her own hands. 

She hatches a plan to dip test drinks at a bar where she was spiked in order to catch a spiker, asking Robyn to help her. 

When all the tests are clear, Robyn urges Jade to call it a day, but Jade clearly has other ideas. 

Jade then encourages Robyn to dance as bait as she hatches another scheme. 

Robyn is eventually approached by an awkward stranger called Avery. 

When Jade dip tests the drink Avery has bought, it comes back positive, and she swaps it with his drink.

Viewers will then see Avery slumped in an alleyway as Jade searches his wallet and finds what she thinks is ketamine. 

Determined to get her revenge, Jade suggests stripping Avery, but Robyn insists they call an ambulance.

Also next week in Casualty, Marty prepares for the meeting he’s arranged with the CEO of the Harrington Street Clinic, which performed the disastrous vaginal mesh operation on his mother. 

Will it go to plan?

Marty grows distracted when his mum Bibi is brought into the ED with severe leg pain, and is unaware that Ciaran Coulson, the current CEO of the Clinic, is waiting for him. 

Ciaran warns Marty to back down and stop haranguing him about Bibi’s condition.

Jan spots Ciaran and Marty arguing and intervenes, forcing Ciaran to leave. 

She then suggests getting someone to pose as a prospective patient at the clinic to get evidence. 

When Jan speaks to Marty’s mum, she’s horrified to realise the extent of the damage the mesh has caused, and agrees to help Marty bring Ciaran down.

Will Jan go undercover?

  • Catch the next episode of Casualty on Saturday, May 8 on BBC One.

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