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Chloe Ferry squeals as hunky stripper TWERKS on her lap during raunchy performance

CHLOE Ferry was left squealing as she fondled the bum of a man TWERKING on her lap during a raunchy stripper performance.

The Geordie Shore star looked to be enjoying herself as she was taken up on stage at a Dreamboys show in London for a personal dance.

Chloe, 25, was pulled up in front of the audience by two hunky males dressed in all-black outfits for a steamy private dance on Thursday night.

The reality star wore a busty brown leather jumpsuit and white heels for the Dreamboys event at London-based gentleman's club For Your Eyes Only.

After watching the first half of the show from the audience, Chloe suddenly found herself at the whim of two half-naked and hunky dancers.

The star could be seen giggling as best pal Bethan Kershaw filmed and cheered her on as she was led on stage and instructed to sit in a chair.

Two of the Dreamboys then entered from behind a curtain, strutting around Chloe as they gently touched and teased her.

The audience went wild as the MTV star's legs were spread by one steamy male, as another came up behind her to offer further temptation.

Jumping into Chloe's lap, the masked man twerked in her face and thrust towards her as she covered her eyes and let out a delighted squeal.

She fondled the behind of the hunky man before taking his hand and parading around the stage with him, confidently strutting her stuff.

The mystery dancer swept Chloe off her feet and into the air before gently laying her on her back, standing over her as he took off his jacket.

Then stripping off his shirt, the dancer whipped it his clothes over her face and body as the Geordie Shore star laughed, looking up at his rippling abs.

Gently helping her back up, the stripper concluded the dance by walking her around the stage once more, encouraging onlookers to cheer for her.


After bowing for the crowds, Chloe went back to her seat alongside fellow reality stars and Love Island favourites Anna Vakili and Sharon Gaffka.

Also in attendance was Ex On The Beach star Michael Griffiths, who is set to perform with the Dreamboys after two years of delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Love Island contestant and former fireman will be the front man in upcoming performances on their UK-wide tour starting this weekend.

Outside the strip club, Chloe was snapped showing off her incredible outfit and glamorous make-up look as she twisted and turned for the cameras.

Showing off her perky behind, the reality star posed in the tight leather number as she looked back over her shoulder towards the venue.

She had styled her brunette tresses into gentle waves and completed her look with a nude pink lipstick and a small, white handbag.

Love Island star Anna also dressed up for the occasion – as she too prepared for a steamy lap dance in the club.

Wearing a nude mini dress and matching nude heels, the star exposed her toned middle while ensuring her long blonde hair didn't cover her assets.

Pulled up on stage in the first half of the show, Anna was surrounded by five strippers who spread her legs and blew her kisses.

The star was flushed pink as one of the cast began thrusting in her face, before getting in the mood herself by standing up and twerking for the crowd.

Geordie Shore star Bethan was seen throwing fake money in the air towards Anna as she shook her bum back and forth.


Meanwhile on the red carpet, ITV2 star Sharon Gaffka opted for a long white dress that also exposed her middle, revealing her impressive abs.

She carried a neutral-toned bag and wore white shoes, as well as gold hoop earrings and a stunning palette of brown-toned make-up.

Sharon was the third of the evening's celebs to receive a private dance, as a dancer in a suit seduced her, placing a rose in her mouth and dancing for her.

The man appeared to lean in for a snog with the star, using his teeth to take back the rose as he sat grinding on Sharon's lap.

It comes days after the Love Island star was dumped from the Majorcan villa as the last girl standing after a tense recoupling.

Travelling down from Newcastle for the event, Chloe has been busy lately remodelling her brand new home after moving in this month.

The 25-year-old recently posted her dream home makeover on her Instagram stories, announcing her plans to build a pool indoors.

The star's secondary Instagram account, dedicated to the home, shows off further renovation plans, which has been valued at £1.1 million.

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