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Chris Ramsey annoyed over Who Do You Think You Are discovery

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Chris Ramsey admitted to being “annoyed” after his family kept his great-grandad Dryden Gordon’s involvement in the war a secret while filming for BBC series, Who Do You Think You Are?

Discussing what it was like to learn about his family tree, Chris explained: “Dryden Gordon Young was a war hero!

“And I had no idea anyone in my family could be described as that. He fought in some of the most pivotal battles in WWI.

“[He] was also captured and placed in a prisoner of war camp in Germany… despite this, he was still one of the luckiest men in my family.”

He added: “His entire story is incredible, I’m actually pretty annoyed that I didn’t know about this from anyone in the family.

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“And I’m over the moon that the world will now hear his amazing story.”

Chris also explained that he felt it was important to take part in the show and look back at his family history came from having his own children.

“Having kids myself I think it’s extremely important that they get to know a bit about how they got here…,” the comedian shared.

“And even more importantly, they can finally watch something on TV with me on it that’s educational! That’s a first for me!

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“I’ve always been fascinated with how lucky we are to exist. To even just be alive now literally every single one of your ancestors had to not die before reproductive age, it’s mind-boggling.

“If your grandad walked out into the road at the wrong time before meeting your grandma and got hit by a bus, you wouldn’t be here… or at least you wouldn’t be you!”

Alongside Chris, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Emily Atack, Claire Foy, Bear Grylls, Kevin Clifton, Dev Griffin, have also delved into their family history on the show.

Chris Ramsay: Who Do You Think You Are airs Thursday, July 20 from 9pm on BBC One.

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