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Cocaine Bear viewers slam Elizabeth Banks nightmare-inducing film

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Cocaine Bear is taking cinemas by storm after it hit the silver screen earlier this month. And while many viewers have been enjoying the rambunctious events of the sort-of-true story, many have been lashing out at its subject matter. With one viewer calling it “too violent” and “gory” and certainly unfit for “children”. 

Some viewers have hit out at the movie for not being “family-friendly”.

One review complained Cocaine Bear was “encouraging the use of Class A drugs repeatedly to teenagers”, while referring to a scene in which teenagers indulge in the drug. (Via NY Post)

Another agreed: “Blood, guts, and intestines being eaten is not suitable for kids.”

A third lamented: “This movie is nothing like what my family thought. It is not for children. The amount of death and blood was awful.”

The disgruntled viewer went on to add: “I can’t believe I have ever seen such an awful movie. My husband loves action movies and he was even taken back at some of the scenes. Go see something else or save your money. This movie is gross and will leave kids with nightmares.”

Another angry cinemagoer claimed Cocaine Bear was bad PR for bears. They wrote: “I never want to watch a film like this again what a complete waste of time, and very degrading to bears. How dare it have been passed and made. Bears are beautiful animals that deserve to be respected.” (Via NY Post)

It’s important to note that (although the title Cocaine Bear should have been enough of a hint) the movie is rated R in the USA, meaning Restricted – also meaning a minimum age of 17+ is suggested.

In the UK, Cocaine Bear has been given a certification of 15 from the BBFC, denoting that it should not be watched by anyone under the age of 15.

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It seems director Elizabeth Banks was anticipating some sort of backlash, as she recently spoke out about the young, 12-year-old cast, who are shown enjoying cocaine during the movie.

Banks told Variety: “It was definitely controversial. There were conversations about, should we age up these characters? We all kind of held hands, and we were like: ‘Guys, they’ve got to be 12.’”

She said the scene in question was about the kids’ “innocence being tested”. “That’s what was interesting to me about that scene,” she went on.

Her co-producer, Christopher Miller, also defended the darkly hilarious scene.

Miller said it was the kids’ “naïveté” that made it “okay”.

He continued: “It’s what makes it so tense and funny. It doesn’t work if they’re teenagers. It has to be that age where you don’t know anything, but you want to pretend like you do.”

Daily Express gave Cocaine Bear three stars out of five, saying the story “fell short”.

Cocaine Bear is in cinemas now.

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