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Come Dine With Me contestant storms out of party after unpleasant spat

A Come Dine With Me contestant stormed out of a three-course dinner party after a petty row in a classic episode of the Channel 4 show led to disaster.

It kicked off when James, the host, quizzed Reece about what it was he "sneaked" under the table, with the guest responding by joking about having to bring ear plugs with him so he didn't have to listen to Tina.

He told the other guests: "Yes, in the event of tinnitus, take the plugs and insert them into your ears thus and spend the rest of the evening in relative bliss."

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Tina hit back with: "Can I just say when you are sitting in front of Reece these aren't funny anyway so I wouldn't laugh. Seriously," adding: "You are about as funny as my right foot.

Reece then said: "How funny is your right foot?" prompting Tina to reply: "Not as funny as your face Reece."

She added: "Ouch, have I just got on that last nerve of yours my friend," to which he replied: "No that was a long time ago."

Tina penned: "Yes, four days ago. Around the world in four days with Reece."

Reece went on to say: "And there is my curry. Serving curry in a jar." Tina continued the spat with: "Not the whole thing actually, sweetheart. At least I didn't serve dry pork."

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He then suggested: "Let's move on now shall we?" but Tina insisted: "No I'm not moving on, no, if you want to have this out we will have it out. Let's have it out. Alright!

"Have you got a problem with me Reece? You've been blanking me all week and your body language is appalling."

Reece then slated Tina for being "rude" urged her to be "courteous" to the host, saying: "The most perfect piece of pork she's ever had and that's why she's left it."

Tina responded before storming out, saying: "That was really, really below the belt."


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