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Coronation Street fans spot new Todd Grimshaw photos on set as disgraced Bruno Langley is replaced

CORRIE fans have spotted photos of the new Todd Grimshaw on set as disgraced Bruno Langley is replaced by actor Gareth Pierce.

The new actor made his debut last night on Corrie, and to further cement his place on the soap, continuity dictated that all remnants of ‘Old Todd’ had been removed from Elaine’s house.

And eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the new photos from Todd’s childhood dotted around such as photographs on the side table, which have now been superimposed with Gareth's face.

Gareth, who will be playing the character now, previously told Corrie fans that producers had planned on inserting his new face around his mum Elaine’s house.

He said: “The onset family photos in the Grimshaws – all the Todd ones are from my childhood but mixed in with Ryan’s as Jason.

“So it oddly feels there’s brotherly connection even though we haven't met."

The character of Todd was written out of the soap in 2017 after actor Bruno admitted to sexually assaulting two women in a Manchester bar.

Bruno was spared jail but the case judge branded his behaviour “disgraceful” and “degrading” and gave him a 12-month community order.

Taking over from an established role such as Todd from another actor has its own challenges but Gareth has also opened up about the pressure following Bruno's sacking.

He said: “I can see why it might be daunting but I tried to flip that into a great advantage."

Gareth explained that there was "16 years of a complicated backstory" and that, as an actor, he was used to "fast-forwarding relationships".

"In the morning you meet them, and at lunchtime you're playing mother, son, lover, daughter," he said.

Asked whether he had watched old episodes to familiarise himself with the character and he admitted that he had done for his audition, but hadn't since he was told he got the part.

"I wanted to drill down to what those core characteristics of Todd were," he explained. "There's a sense of him being a bit of a chameleon. Also that sarcasm, that dry wit and that humour and there's still the sense of a little boy who can kind of get away with it.

"Since finding out the part is mine and I'm playing it I'm not watching them."

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