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Coronation Street spoilers: Aggie Bailey terrified as brother in law Ronnie arrives on the cobbles

AGGIE Bailey hides a dark secret next week in Coronation Street as her brother in law Ronnie arrives on the cobbles. 

Aggie – who is played by Lorna Laidlaw – will admit to Grace Vickers that Ronnie’s presence unsettles her, but what is she hiding?

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Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Aggie horrified as Ronnie pulls up outside their house in his flash sports car. 

Ed is thrilled to see him and the pair quickly start reminiscing about old times. 

But Grace Vickers spots Aggie looking distressed and asks her what’s up. 

Aggie admits to Grace that she can’t relax when Ronnie’s around given that he always manages to lead Ed astray.

Later, Ronnie reveals to Ed that he’s looking to move to Weatherfield.

How will Aggie react?

And is she hiding something about her past with Ronnie?

Speaking about his new role in Coronation Street, actor Vinta Morgan revealed: "It’s so great to be joining Coronation Street. I grew up watching it, I know the characters, I’ve lived the stories and now, to play my part on the street, I can only say I’m blessed."

The actor, who is best known for his role in What Happened to Monday and Official Secrets, added: "In my household it has always been a firm favourite and I’m so thrilled to be joining as this enigmatic character."

The Bailey family were rocked by drama recently when Grace returned to the cobbles ang persuaded Michael to take a paternity test proving he was the father of her baby.

Michael then asked Grace to move in with him – much to Aggie’s horror. 

Grace spent months pretending that Tiana, who Grace was just babysitting, was their daughter last year. 

Michael turned Grace into the police when he discovered her lies, but soon regretted his decision when she told him she’s pregnant from prison and that the baby is his.

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