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Corrie bosses tease super soap week may extend with explosive scenes

Coronation Street's crack crews leapt into action to create some of the soap’s biggest sets for this explosive week.

The batch of episodes took four weeks to shoot.

In an off-site studio, staff built a huge “subterranean universe” of Victorian tunnels and storm drains for the stars to be immersed in when the sinkhole collapsed.

Sets were mounted on giant 30-metre winch rigs so they could be lowered up and down in the water.

And they created more than 70 “Corrie COVID bubbles” with the actors getting regular testing so they could safely get up close and personal to film the gripping action.

Executive producer Iain MacLeod said: “There are certain things you cannot really do from two metres away. and we felt we could ramp it up just for this week and really go to town on these moments of closeness and intimacy that we have had to ration over the past year.”

MacLeod teases that the consequences of “super soap week” will spread into 2022.

He explained: “It’s all very well blowing The Street up but if at the end nothing has changed and everyone’s lives proceed pretty much as though nothing ever happened then it hasn’t been worth doing at all.

“This is a launchpad for stuff that we will be doing into Christmas and well into the new year.”

Yesterday, we revealed that drug lord Harvey Gaskill is set for a tense storyline as he makes an escape from a prison van, leaving one cyclist terrified.

After breaking out of a prison van the vicious gangster, played by Will Mellor, will go on the run.

Daily Star on Sunday revealed that the armed thug takes a cyclists bike before making a dash for freedom, leaving the unsuspected cyclist speechless.

And that will spell danger for Leanne Battersby, played by Jane Danson, 42, who testified against him.

A show insider said: “Harvey breaks free from a prison van after there’s a crash.

“He ends up on the run and targets a cyclist to stage his getaway but crucially, he’s armed with a gun.

“This is likely to be bad news for Leanne because they have so much history.”

Will, 45, filmed the scenes on location in a Manchester park.

Earlier this year Harvey forced Simon Barlow (Alex Bain, 19) to sell drugs.

Leanne then put herself at risk by testifying at the trial – and helping to put him behind bars. Will hopes the storyline has highlighted just how dangerous the drug dealers are.

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