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Corries Simon Gregson thinks home is haunted by woman dressed in white

Coronation Street star Simon Gregson thinks his home is haunted by a “woman dressed in white”.

The actor – a telly favourite for years as Steve McDonald on the cobbles – said that he was told the ghost is more than 100 years old.

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Simon, 48, revealed: “My wife Emma, my eldest son, Alfie, and I have seen a woman who’s dressed in white and crosses the landing by the stairs.

“One time, about 1.30am, I saw her go across. First I thought it was Emma coming in after a night out with her friends.

“When I rang to ask if it was her, she replied, ‘No, you’re going to tell me you’ve seen a woman crossing the landing, aren’t you? I’ve seen her, too!’

“Alfie has seen the most, though. He’s told us he’s seen a woman outside his room and what looked like the heads of children poking around the door.”

Simon has taken part in Discovery series Celebrity Help! My House Is Haunted, which airs on Friday night, and admitted he has been convinced that his six-bedroom Cheshire home has a resident ghost.

The dad-of-three explained: “We moved here in 2007, and, three years later, spooky things started happening.

“I would call myself a sceptical believer – I believe in it but I need concrete evidence to make me 100%.

“I’ve always been interested in paranormal activity, though. I’ve always thought, ‘It can’t just be us here – there’s got to be something else, right?’”

In the new show, his pad is visited by ghost hunter Barri Ghai, psychic medium Ian Lawman and paranormal researcher Jayne Harris.

He continued: “I wanted to know exactly what we’ve got here, so, hopefully, we could put the whole thing to rest and get rid of the ghosts!

“What appealed to me was that the experts go into the whole history of the house and the local area.

“As soon as the team set up their equipment, they were picking up voices of the spirits.

“They discovered that in the late 1800s, a woman called Sarah Ann, her baby and her mother, Susanna, had all been murdered near our house by Susanna’s husband and Sarah Ann’s stepfather, William.

“Sarah Ann had given birth out of wedlock and the women were found in their nightdresses, and our house is on the old brickworks where William worked.

“Ian thought the woman in white was Sarah Ann. It was startling to hear because it’s a horrific story.”

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