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Dancing On Ices Ekin-Su sparks more uproar for flashing underwear

Dancing on Ice: Ekin-Su is first celebrity to be in the skate-off

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The 28-year-old made her Dancing on Ice debut during week one of the popular ITV competition with her professional partner Brendyn Hatfield. However, during their performance in the opening show, the reality star sparked backlash from fans as she appeared to ‘flash’ her underwear during their skate.

The duo took to the ice for the first time as they skated to Britney Spears’ song Toxic with the 28-year-old wearing a sparkling jumpsuit to replicate what the pop star wore in the music video.

However, with the outfit appearing to give the illusion of her wearing a diamante leotard, viewers were less than impressed.

Her raunchy routine failed to impress the public and it resulted in her landing in the first skate-off of the series, along with the show being hit with 112 Ofcom complaints.

Many took to social media to complain that the outfit was too sexy to be shown on TV pre-watershed, which ends at 9pm.

Now, it seems as though the reality star is being faced with further criticism after inadvertently flashing her underwear during the skate-off against football legend John Fashanu.

While being lifted by her partner, Ekin’s frock seemed to slip up whilst she was the air, which revealed the bright pink underwear she was wearing underneath her purple dress.

Before the slight wardrobe malfunction, the contestant opened up to host Holly Willoughby about how she felt following the uproar from her costume in week one.

Holly asked: “Just want to find out how you are doing, it’s a difficult week, knowing that you’ve got to face the skate-off tonight.”

Ekin replied: ‘I’m not going to lie, I was really upset for the last two days and I was literally questioning myself.

“I’m just like, you know what stop this crying Ekin, you’re strong, take on what the judges say, work hard, and I’m here today.”

In the end, Ekin’s routine was enough to save her from elimination and the judges decided that her journey in the competition should continue.

Although, with the line-up being split with different stars performing on alternating weeks, some viewers think it’s unfair that one star will get an extra week to prepare if they’re in the skate-off.

LukeelkinsTV tweeted: “Splitting the contestants doesn’t work and isn’t fair. Some have an extra week to practice.”

SparklingKesha added: “If they just extend the opening show of #DancingOnIce and have everyone dance on the first show and then 2 lowest scores from that, it would be fairer, then they both have a week to practice their skate-off performance.”

Iambri_97 commented: “The first dance-off format on this is so poor because Ekin-Su has had a solid week to come to terms with it, to practice her routine without having a main show skate tonight, meanwhile John Fashanu has had about 4 minutes, and skated tonight. Ridiculous format.”

julianhilaire said: “So she has had a WHOLE WEEK to practice while he….well it spoke for itself #DancingOnIce.”

When John was announced as the first celebrity to be leaving the competition, he told Holly and Phillip Schofield he’s had a great experience.

When asked if he’ll continue skating, he commented: “Oh yes! I shall carry on skating and who knows, I might even start teaching people.”

As all celebrities have now skated, the current leaderboard shows that actress Carley Stenson is securely at the top with an impressive score of 36 out of a possible 40.

On the other hand, both John and singer Michelle Heaton received a total of 19 for their routines landing them at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Dancing On Ice continues at 6:30pm on Sunday on ITV1 and ITVX. 

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