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'Days of Our Lives' Weekly Recap: Mar-Devil in Full Regalia is Peak Salem Soap Legend

Days of Our Lives fans can’t get enough of the Mar-Devil storyline. And, this week, she was in full bloom, and the fans ate it up. Previous reports suggested that the storyline would wrap up sometime around Christmas, but barring a miracle, it looks like it may go well into the New Year. And that’s just fine for many Days of Our Lives fans because Deidre Hall is bringing it this season.

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for this week’s Days of Our Lives episodes are ahead.]

‘Days of Our Lives’ got really intense on the Dec. 15 episode of the show

Based on previous reports, we knew that this week was definitely going to be the week that Mar-Devil was going to make things awkward for poor Ben and Ciara. (And, as it turns out, Ciara was right again — as usual, Ben!) But, this week’s Days of Our Lives showed just how fiendish she can really be, especially on the December 15 episode of the show.

“Much to Ben Weston’s (Robert Scott Wilson) horror, Marlena Evans Black’s (Deidre Hall) eyes lit up, her voice altered, and with the flick of her wrist, she sicced a killer necktie on him!” reported SoapHub. “Having incapacitated the menfolk, MarDevil attempted to take her leave…only to be felled by a rock-wielding Belle Black Brady (Martha Madison). While Belle tended to John Black (Drake Hogestyn) and her husband, MarDevil managed to do a runner – and she vowed sweet sweet revenge.”

You have to admit that Deidre Hall is doing (clap) that (clap) thing (clap). Classic soap opera fare! More of this please, Days of Our Lives!

Rafe is still pining for Nicole

Across town, meanwhile, the Devil is manifesting in Salem in a different type of way. On the same Dec. 15 episode of Days of Our Lives, Rafe and Nicole were passionately kissing. (Girl, at least let the sheets get cold! Weren’t you just with EJ?)

“Rafe asks why she’s been acting like she wanted him to kiss him while hooking up with EJ,” reports “Nicole snaps that she has every right to do what she wants with her life. Ava, naturally, walks up and wants to know what they’re talking about.”

Either Ava clearly has no clue about what her husband is doing, or she’s the most clueless Mafia princess in Salem. Whatever the reality, she’s going to have a very rough go of it when she figures out what her man is up to — and with whom.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Salem

The early part of the week was just the beginning of the drama for Mar-Devil and the rest of the Salemites. Days of Our Lives spoilers for next week tease that Mar-Devil “still has one more trick up her sleeve.” And though it’s not clear what that trick is quite yet, it’s safe to say that the Devil isn’t going down without a fight.

On Christmas, Mar-Devil? Sheesh. That’s awkward.

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