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Denise Welch says she feared shed lose her dad many times in the last year

Loose Women star Denise Welch gave a proud update about her 83-year-old dad Vin on Thursday's show, admitting she thought she might "lose him" this year but celebrated his turn in recent weeks.

Denise broke the news on the show earlier this year, when she revealed her father had fallen at home and was in hospital.

The former Corrie actress has been sharing updates of his progress on Instagram, and recently posted a little video of her dancing with him.

She shared: "The one thing that that choked me up is what I said to Lincoln and my sister when he was very sick."

"My dad goes on holiday and loves to dance, he hates walking, but can dance with the women all night long," she joked affectionately before being serious again.

"I said, 'I'm never going to dance with my dad again', so the fact that we did do this little dance on the patio and it had something like, I don't know, a quarter of a million hits on Instagram…" before thanking Loose Women viewers for their support.

"This is the first time since Christmas that I've been able to say this, he is doing so well!" she said proudly.

"He's constantly asking me 'how many hits did that get on Instagram?' and things" revealed Denise.

"It's been an incredibly stressful time. We honestly thought that we were going to lose him many, many times this year… the fact that we eventually got him home, I guess we've loved him back," she continued.

"We went to my stepson's wedding a month ago. Dad was eating nothing, it was so hard to get the calories in him," explained Denise.

"So I went to the wedding, and his mobility was increasing. I went with a bag full of his meal supplement drinks

"I turn around at the wedding and there he is having a Pimm's and a cigar!" she laughed.

It hasn't all been plain sailing though, and Denise said that her husband, Lincoln Townley, had a "tough love" chat with Vin.

"He said look, we can see that you're mentally back there, but what you're not doing is taking responsibility for your calories, you have to take responsibility for staying alive as well, because you want to go home and live independently.

"The next day we stayed in this hotel in and dad ordered fish and chips. We didn't say anything because it was the first time."

"He basically ate them all. Now he's put on stone!" she said proudly.

The other Loose Women panelists couldn't be happier for Denise, who continued to thank the Loose Women viewers for their support through a difficult time.

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