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Disney's 'The Lion King' Reboot — Why Some Fans Are Mad About Scar

Lion King fans are returning to Pride Rock this summer. Disney is making a live-action adaptation of the classic 1994 animated film, The Lion King. Still, some fans aren’t exactly happy with the physical appearance of a few characters. Here’s what Disney lovers are saying about Scar in Disney’s The Lion King.

When does Disney’s live-action ‘The Lion King’ premiere?

Premiering in July 2019, Disney’s The Lion King tells the story of a lion cub named Simba, who struggles with his identity after the death of his father. The live-action adaptation will be a remake of the award-winning 1994 animated film.

After its premiere, Disney made the original film into a stage adaptation, which has since enjoyed one of the longest runs on Broadway. There’s been a sequel to The Lion King, in addition to a movie focusing on the story of Timon and Pumbaa, entitled The Lion King 1 1/2. Disney’s television network Disney Junior made a spin-off series, entitled The Lion Guard. Now, about 25 years since the original movie, Simba, Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa are back to rule over the Pride Lands.

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Scar from ‘The Lion King’ reboot looks different from the original

Disney released multiple teasers and a trailer for The Lion King adaptation. This new film includes CGI characters, like Simba and Mufasa, made to look more life-like. One of the characters with the visible changes is antagonist Scar, who traded a dark look for a lighter, slinky, and sly physical appearance. Fans of The Lion King are not happy.

Some pointed out that black-maned lions do exist in nature. Though rare, these lions predominately reside in Ethiopia, according to National Geographic. In the original animation, Scar sports a black mane and generally darker fur.

Celebrities and Disney fans took to Twitter, protesting Scar’s malnourished look. Even “Truth Hurts” artist, Lizzo, tweeted, “why they take out Scar’s weave?”

“It’s 2019, girl. This is climate change Scar,” replied one fan.

“Also I am just going to say it. This is #NotMyScar,” said one Twitter user. “I will forever call this lion ‘Not Scar’ because I refuse to believe that Not Scar is actually the wonderful villain from the superior 1994 film.”

Who voices Scar in ‘The Lion King’ live-action?

The cast of Disney’s The Lion King includes many prominent actors and celebrities. The villain of the film, Scar, will be portrayed by actor Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Some of Chiwetel Ejiofor’s best-known performances include portraying Solomon Northup in 12 Years a Slave. He acted in 2012 as Adrian Helmsley,Dirty Pretty Things as Okwe, and the Kinky Boots movie as the drag queen, Lola. He will also appear in the upcoming Disney film, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Donald Glover plays Simba in this live-action adaptation. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter plays Nala. Other cast members include Billy Eichner as Timon, Seth Rogen as Pumbaa, and John Oliver as Zazu. James Earl Jones will reprise his role as Mufasa for Disney’s 2019 film.

Disney’s live-action The Lion King premieres in the United States on July 19, 2019.

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