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Dr. Dre accuses ex Nicole Young of 'decimating' bank account and stealing $363K from company in nasty divorce

DR. DRE accused ex Nicole Young of "decimating" their company bank account and stealing $363K amid their nasty divorce.

A letter obtained by TMZ reveals Nicole has been accused of"blatant and unjustifiable criminal embezzlement of corporate funds" by Record One recording studio, the company she and her estranged husband founded in 2015.

It also claims she "decimated" the company's bank account last month by $363,571.85.

Attorney Ed McPherson, who represents LLC – the company which operates Record One – attached the check Nicole wrote herself.

Nicole now has just over a week to return the cash otherwise a suit will be filed against her.

Earlier this month, court documents revealed Nicole had insisted she co-owned the trademark to her ex's name.

After demanding $2million a month in spousal support, Nicole, 50, filed a new lawsuit against Dr. Dre.

People reports that Nicole is accusing Dre – also known as Andre Romelle Young – of transferring "valuable trademarks" owned by them both, citing court docs.

It allegedly included his album The Chronic and his name Dr Dre.

The lawsuit claims: “Andre’s plan all along was to deny Nicole’s ownership rights.

“It is inequitable and unjust [for Dre] to retain ownership of the trademarks, and the value they hold, without paying Nicole or allowing her to maintain her equal ownership."

Nicole wants the trademarks returned, but has so far been refused, the website reports.

Although Nicole claims she has “demanded return of the trademarks,” Dre has “failed and refused to do so,” the lawsuit states.

She is now seeking damages at trial following the breakdown of their 24-year marriage.

Dr. Dre, 55, had claimed in previous court documents that the two had signed a prenup at the beginning of their marriage, which protected his fortune.

In a declaration obtained by The Blast, Nicole claimed that the rapper and music producer had "extreme coercive control over her," which started shortly after their wedding when he allegedly forced her to sign a prenup.

In the documents, she claimed: "While talented, Andre's personal life was turbulent and violent and was marred by encounters with law enforcement, incarceration, and physical and emotional abuse against women."

Nicole is the mother to two of Dr. Dre's kids.

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