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EastEnders fans in stitches as Jean learns Stacey ‘married a dangerous lesbian’

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EastEnders fans were left in stitches on Friday night as Jean Slater discovered her daughter Stacey had “married a violent, dangerous lesbian” in prison.

Just days after Stacey was released from prison for being wrongfully convicted, her probation officer dropped the bomb on Jean moments before her cell mate got out of jail.

Shocked at the surprising news, the fan-favourite struggled to wrap her head around the new family dynamic before her daughter-in-law moved into their family home.

As Stacey confessed there was no romance in the whirlwind relationship, the pair walked over to the Queen Vic to meet their new house mate.

As the mother-daughter duo sat down to talk through the surprising news, Stacey explained to her concerned mother that the pair were simply friends and she wanted to support her on the outside after keeping her safe in prison.

Stacey confessed: “We shared a cell together and she helped me when I got in trouble.

Completely baffled, Jean argued: “When you’re in trouble you call your mum, you don’t get married. Continue.”

She reassured her mother: “Well, there’s no romance, nothing like that. I mean obviously Eve’s into women but you know, you know that I ain’t don’t you?”

To which Jean interrupted: “Love is love.”

Surprised at her response, Stacey laughed away and reiterated: “No, mum, none of that, alright.

“She’s been stuck inside for over three years and she just needed to prove she had a stable home to be paroled into so … I married her.”

Not entirely on board with the new housemate, Jean asked: “What was she in prison for?”

Stacey bluntly replied: “Aggravated assault. She can be a little bit hot headed and get herself in trouble.”

To summarise what had happened while she was in prison for a few weeks, she clarified: “You married a violent, dangerous lesbian? Oh, well, in that case, there’s nothing for me to worry about then is there?”

And it’s fair to say viewers found the new storyline hilarious as they watched a disgruntled Jean struggle to adjust to the new family set up.

One user penned: “Jean’s reaction she is gobsmacked” with three cry laughing emojis as another added: “Gotta love Jean & her one liners!”

A third chimed in with: “Jean, priceless gold, the gift that keeps on giving!!” meanwhile one user penned: “A violent dangerous lesbian. I love our Jean telling it how it is.”

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