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EastEnders Melissa Suffield says its impossible for her to get smaller

Former EastEnders actress Melissa Suffield has revealed that she is unable to lose weight because of having "inflamed tendons".

Exclusively telling Daily Star about an injury she thinks she suffered either during pregnancy or childbirth, Melissa told us that it was "impossible" for her to "get smaller" after becoming a mum.

We asked the former soap star how she coped with her body changing when she became a mother, and she opened up, candidly explaining that she was "impressed" by her body after birthing her son River.

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Born seven days before the first coronavirus lockdown in March 2020, Melissa said they weren't allowed to go outside at all and were at home for weeks.

"There was absolutely no pressure for me to lose any weight or start exercising, because I was not allowed to exercise from a doctor's point of view, so I wasn't even really allowed to go for a walk."

She noted how after around three months she noticed that her legs and back began to hurt – which she said still hurt today.

Melissa thought that she "must have done something" to herself during either pregnancy or childbirth, adding that "physiotherapists have not quite been able to work it out".

"My posture in my lower half is like way off, and I can't correct it because I've got massively inflamed tendons from my hip down to my knee," she revealed, before adding that she will start treatment for this soon.

Speaking about the pain she endures, the mum-of-one added that the pain she endures has basically rendered her "unable to do any kind of high impact exercise".

Even walking too many steps in a day can cause her to "suffer" which is why she said: "So I kind of had to make my peace with getting bigger because it was becoming impossible for me to get smaller and even maintain."

Melissa then touched upon how pumping milk for River made her "binge eat".

She explained how she would "panic" and "binge eat" adding: "That's 4,000 calories a go."

She told us: "When you're an exclusive pumper, it can become quite easy to put the weight on because you eat, because you know that calories make milk."

But when Melissa was around 10 months postpartum, she recalled how she looked down at herself and thought: "S***, I'm quite big," adding that she had never been a "big person" before.

Candidly saying that the weight gain was a "tough cookie to swallow" for a while, she added that she will miss the "really nice clothes" she once fitted into.

Melissa now exudes body confidence and shares this on her Instagram page The Confident Mama.


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