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EastEnders spoilers: Sharon Watts confronts Linda Carter about her relationship with Max Branning

SHARON Watts confronts Linda Carter about the tension between her and Max Branning next week in EastEnders. 

Linda and Max shared a kiss on the pub balcony last month after he stopped her turning back to alcohol.

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Things then heated up between the pair after Linda accepted Max’s job offer at the restaurant. 

Viewers will remember that Sharon quickly grew suspicious when she noticed Linda had made a special effort with her appearance for her first day at work. 

And next week’s episodes of EastEnders will see Sharon’s suspicions grow as she watches the pair interact. 

The upcoming scenes will see Linda confide in Max about her new business idea.

Spotting an opportunity, Max later persuades Bobby to expand the age restriction on the Lucy Beale grant. 

Watching Linda’s reaction to the news, Sharon grows suspicious and tells Max to leave her alone.

Later in the week, Sharon warns Linda not to be sucked in by Max, but she insists he’s just a friend. 

Later, Max takes Abi to Linda’s to assist with her business idea.

Keeping in mind Sharon’s comments, Linda tries to be guarded but can’t help flirting with Max. 

Later, Linda notices Ruby watching her and tells her she isn’t drinking. 

But when Ruby makes some harsh comments, Linda can’t help herself and steals a bottle. 

She stops herself from drinking it and calls Mick, but will he come to her rescue?

EastEnders fans are convinced that Linda and Max are going to strike up an affair behind poor Mick’s back.

With Mick preoccupied with Frankie and Katy, might Linda turn to Max and destroy her marriage once and for all?

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