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EastEnders star on Martin's advice as Stacey hides truth of online video offer

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) recently turned to selling pictures of herself online in order to put food on the table in EastEnders, and a new offer from the Secret Cam site will prove difficult to turn down.

With the bailiffs knocking at her door, Stacey knows she needs some more cash, and fast, so when an offer comes in she is torn about what to do.

As she contemplates her choice, it ends up being ex-husband Martin Fowler (James Bye) who makes up her mind, despite being completely unaware of what he is advising her to do.

‘They go to the allotment for a picnic, and she does tell him stuff, but she doesn’t tell him everything’, actor James Bye revealed.

‘Stacey tells Martin there’s a way for her to earn more money he asks if it is going to get her in trouble and if it is going to hurt anyone.

‘Stacey’s like, “no, no, no!” So Martin says, “do it, why not? If it will help the family and make you feel better, do it.” That’s his stance on everything with Stacey – if she’s happy and not in trouble, then he is going to support her.’

Stacey has kept the full truth about her money problems to herself, going so far as to turn down offers of financial support from Martin.

‘Martin isn’t aware of the extent of the issues’, James explained. ‘It’s a shame because Martin and Stacey have this friendship where they really trust each other.

‘They’ve become closer still with Lily (Lillia Turner) having the baby, so it’s a nice platonic situation. But I still think it’s in Stacey’s nature not to tell anyone when she’s in trouble. She still keeps things from Martin, and she always has done, and this is no different.’

‘She has very much limited the information that she has told him. Still, he’s aware that there are some problems, and he has made it clear that he’ll try to help where he can.’

James revealed that he believes Martin would be upset to learn the full extent of Stacey’s problems, and that she had kept them from him, but not as much as he would have been several years ago, when they were married.

‘Now they have got to a place in their relationship where Martin likes that both he and Stacey have the freedom to do what they want.

‘I think he’s become much less judgemental of her and her decisions and takes her for who she is.

‘When they were together, some of Stacey’s decisions weren’t the best, resulting in their breaking up. I think Martin is quite glad he doesn’t have to deal with that so much anymore.’

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