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Emmerdale Amelia baby daddy confirmed as fans beg ITV to remove management

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Emmerdale fans have been left distraught after they realised that ITV writers have changed Samson's behaviour.

In recent scenes, Amelia has found out that she's pregnant and is planning on keeping the baby after two scans.

During Thursday's (August 25) episode, Noah blurted out that Ameila was pregnant to a shocked Samson, who quickly ran to find her and ask about the situation.

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Noah, Samson and Amelia began shouting down the road at each other as Samson called for her to have a termination.

Moments prior, Samson had been slating Amelia to Noah who defended his new love interest.

Fans called out the teenager for his attitude and were hurt that the series writers have changed his personality.

One tweeted: "What the f*** have they done to Samson? Please, for the love of God, someone step in and remove the management at Emmerdale HQ."

Another added: "Well, we couldn’t see that coming could we, it could have only been Samson."

An upset viewer also wrote to the Emmerdale producers: "What you doing to Samson. He's the nicest in that village. Don't you dare."

More fans flocked to Twitter to say that they "weren't expecting" Samson to be the father and are disappointed he's "reacted so badly" as he "used to be a sweet character," who has now "turned into a nasty teenager".

Elsewhere in the episode, Faith held a party at the Woolpack where she invited her close friends and family for a singalong karaoke night.

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