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Emmerdale clash as Manpreet Sharmas suspicions about Claudette are confirmed

Emmerdale: Charles airs his concerns to Manpreet about Alex

Manpreet Sharma (played by Rebecca Sarker) has faced many hurdles in her relationship with Charles Anderson (Kevin Mathurin).

The Emmerdale couple are still going strong though, despite several family dramas threatening their relationship.

Unfortunately for Manpreet, another could be on the cards for her.

Charles’ mother, Claudette (Flo Wilson) will make a surprise visit to the village, but she will soon prove to be hard work for the doctor.

What brings her to the village? And will Manpreet and Charles’ relationship be affected by her arrival?

Official spoilers for the ITV soap suggest Manpreet could soon be in conflict with Claudette.

As the matriarch settles into her son’s life again, it seems she might be lying about suffering from a medical condition.

In scenes yet to air, Manpreet becomes suspicious about Claudette’s back pain.

Once she’s alone, Claudette starts to move around with ease, her pain seemingly gone.

Could Charles’ mother stir up more trouble for her son and his partner?

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ITV has described the new character as “a force to be reckoned with,” so she probably won’t be one to hold back during conflict.

With Manpreet already on to her, it seems likely the two women might clash.

To make things worse, the newcomer will be lying about being in pain, indicating she could be hiding the real reason she has turned up at her son’s.

Will Manpreet get to the bottom of the mystery once her suspicions are raised?

The soap has confirmed Claudette will be disapproving towards her son over Manpreet.

The two get off to an awkward start, but with Claudette faking an injury, Manpreet’s clash with her could be set to get even worse.

Things could get particularly uncomfortable for Charles, who might have to pick a side.

Charles’ daughter Naomi Walters (Karene Peter) also triggered a distance between the couple when she first turned up looking for her biological dad last year.

While the pair have moved on from their relationship obstacles, it seems as though Charles’ mother might cause a few more.

If Manpreet decides to confront Claudette about her apparently pretending to be in pain or tells Charles about it, she might be shooting herself in the foot.

Charles is likely to be defensive of his mother and accuse Manpreet of being unwelcoming towards her.

Will the doctor be able to find out and prove what Claudette is up to?

Emmerdale continues on Thursday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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