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Emmerdale exit for beloved character as Sam Dingle faces rejection from Lydia?

Emmerdale: Aaron Dingle gets emotional as he leaves village

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Emmerdale husband and wife Sam (played by James Hooton) and Lydia (Karen Blick) have faced major disagreements lately after the latter reported Liv Flaherty (Isobel Steele) to the police because she believed her to be responsible for Ben Tucker’s (Simon Lennon) murder. Official ITV spoilers reveal Sam will attempt to win Lydia back in upcoming episodes, but if their relationship is found to be beyond repair could Sam make an exit from the village?

In future scenes, Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) urges Sam to sort things out with Lydia.

She also promises her son Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) that she will back his campaign to free Liv from prison.

Later, Lydia finds a Christmas invitation hanging out of her letterbox.

She looks baffled as she reads it while a grinning Sam watches from a distance, hoping his plan to reunite with his wife works.

He continues his attempt to win Lydia back when Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) offers him some advice.

Viewers know it was in fact Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) who murdered Ben.

With Vinny determined to prove Liv’s innocence, he may be able to get her freed – will Sam resent Lydia for reporting her and almost ruining her life when she was innocent the whole time?

After she found what she believed to be evidence against Liv, Sam told Lydia: “I told you to drop this.

“Liv couldn’t murder anyone.”

“You need to see this video,” she argued. “Watch it, Sam.”

Sam fumed: “I don’t have to.”

“The police are asking questions, and I don’t know if the answers are in this video,” Lydia explained.

She later showed Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) a video showing Liv shouting abuse at Ben.

“I didn’t kill him,” she later told Aaron.

Aaron believed her and deleted the video, much to Lydia’s disapproval.

Later on though, Lydia broke her promise and called the police on Liv, who was arrested soon after.

Sam saw the reporting as a huge betrayal on the Dingles and the two have since become estranged.

Although Sam hopes to win Lydia back, will his anger over what she did return once he realises Liv is innocent?

It’s possible the two could seem to reunite before Sam realises he can’t accept the fact Lydia betrayed the family.

Sam has been a favourite on the ITV soap after almost 27 years and has been at the helm of some of the show’s biggest storylines in that time.

However, will the character soon make a sudden departure as his marriage hits breaking point?

Unable to forgive Lydia, Sam might find it too painful to remain in the village.

He might decide it’s time for him to move on from the dales for good.

Having been a beloved character for so long, could he make a significant Christmas Day exit?

Sam had no doubt of Liv’s innocence from the start, and as Vinny uncovers more evidence that could get Liv off the hook, he might be ashamed about what his wife did.

He hasn’t spoken to Lydia since she reported Liv, unable to forgive her.

Despite Mandy persuading him to make amends, he might find it too difficult and seek a fresh start.

Emmerdale continues on Monday at 7pm on ITV.

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