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Emmerdale fans fume over ‘forgotten’ Meena footage as they predict court case

Emmerdale fans were left fuming when footage, which showed murderer Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu) holding Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) underwater, went completely unnoticed.

And now viewers of the popular soap are questioning whether this will ever come to light, and what it could mean for Meena – even predicting it will be used in a court case to bring her down.

Airing their concerns, one diehard viewer said: “Ok, so the police have deemed Andrea’s death an accident because they have no substantial evidence of foul play, but my question is this…”

“Ben and Billy were watching the footage and ended up walking away from the laptop and we see the footage of Meena holding Vic’s head under the water BUT why has this not been spoken of since?!”

They went on: “Are we supposed to believe that NO ONE has reviewed this footage since?!?!”

Weighing in on the soap debate, another person added that the footage being forgotten about had left them confused.

They said: “Should they not have mentioned the footage to the police, plus could there be more cameras out there.”

However, others assured they they believed the truth about Meena and her crimes would eventually come out.

They wrote: “It will all be seen otherwise the scriptwriters wouldn’t have shown it and panned in so we could see Meena’s act.”

Many other Emmerdale viewers agreed that it was only a matter of time before Meena was caught and the footage would be used to incriminate her further, perhaps even leading to a court case where she would be found guilty.

One person said they had their own theory about why the footage had been ‘forgotten’.

They explained: “There will be an inquest so I’m sure all footage will be retrieved and her dirty deeds will be exposed.”

“Plus everyone had cameras on so I’m pretty sure footage from them will emerge too.”

This comes after fans predicted that Andrea would eventually get her "revenge" on Meena after she was murdered during the ITV soap's super stunt week last month.

Eagle-eyed soap watchers pointed out that we have never seen Andrea’s body and that could mean that she has been secretly working with police to bring the villain down.

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