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Emmerdale fans furious at Paddy Kirk for risking everything with Kim Tate

EMMERDALE fans are furious at Paddy Kirk for asking Kim Tate for help.

The vet – who is played by actor Dominic Brunt in the ITV soap – is desperate to stop Al Chapman from buying into his wife Chas’ pub.

And tonight he turned to scheming Kim for help – but she wanted him to risk everything for it.

At first she turned him down – but quickly changed her mind.

After realising Paddy could be useful to her after all, she went to the pub to make him an offer.

She said: “I’ve thought about what you said and I want to help. 

“I won’t stop Al leaving the HOP because there are too many positives to him going. But I can help you get the money. 

“And I now know what you can offer in return. You see I have a racehorse and it’s his first outing tomorrow. 

“I want my boy to be a champion so when the time comes I can make a small fortune when I put him into stud. 

“You could, how shall I put it, inject a bit of oomph into his performance.”

As Paddy insisted he couldn’t do it because it was illegal and he could lose his licence, Kim tightened the screws.

“You could lose a lot more than that if you don’t,” she said, playing on Paddy’s fears. 

“I’ve given you a way out – or your wife partners with Al. And we all know his reputation.”

Fans are horrified that Paddy’s going to risk everything.

One wrote: "Paddy could lose his job here if he takes Kim's offer. Don't do it Paddy it's too much of a risk!

A second said: "Paddy makes a big mistake get help from evil queen Kim Tate!"

Another added: "Kim has given Paddy an offer to solve the issues but will he risk his career for it!"

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