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Emmerdale heartbreak for Dawn Taylor after villager rushed to hospital

Emmerdale: Billy and Dawn at scene where Alex was hit by a car

Emmerdale’s Dawn Taylor (played by Olivia Bromley) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) were thrilled by their latest pregnancy news, but in upcoming scenes, things are set to take a turn.

Later this week, Dawn is rushed to the hospital after her adopted daughter Clemmie (Mabel Addison) accidentally pushes a chair into her stomach.

The youngster doesn’t take the pregnancy news very well and thinks she will be cast aside when the baby arrives.

Despite the baby being ok, Clemmie decides to run away, which will lead to more heartbreak for Dawn and Billy.

Speaking exclusively to and other press about the storyline, the actress who plays Dawn said it is a “really worrying time”.

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She explained: “I think it’s all just gone really quickly, very wrong.

“And again, what always happens with Billy and Dawn is that they have a glimmer of happiness and a celebratory moment that is snatched away.

“They never seem to be able to just like relax in their happy celebrations.

“When they go to the hospital they need to make sure that nothing has gone really, really wrong. And yeah, it’s really worrying.”

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When discussing Clemmie and Lucas’ reaction to becoming a big brother and sister, Jay continued: “Lucas obviously is a little bit more ecstatic about the idea and Clemmie is not.

“Previous to finding it out, she’s already in a bad place because the thoughts going through her head is that she misses her mother.

“Everything revolving around that day of missing her mum and reminiscing on what she’d been through and then the good times that she had with a mum and having that news is kind of another shock.

“She could potentially lose her mum that is her response to it. It is a huge shock of like, ‘Oh, you’re having a baby well maybe I’m going to be ushered out here and lose another mother’.”

The Billy Fletcher star went on to tease whether Clemmie will come back after running away.

He added: “In any situation in real life, you’re going to be all over the place, and your anxiety is going to be through the roof.

“You’re going to be worried you’re going to see repercussions on the back of this. How would she even respond once you get her back? Will she ever come back?”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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