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Emmerdale sparks Ofcom complaints over Paul's brutal attack on Vinny before watershed

EMMERDALE viewers have complained to Ofcom over the brutal beating Vinny Dingle recieved at the hands of his dad.

Horrified fans saw Paul Ashdale attack his son on his stag do during last Thursday's episode.

Some viewers of the soap – which airs well before the watershed – were shocked as Paul punched him to the floor then kicked him.

TV watchdog Ofcom confirmed today that they had received 66 complaints in relation to the gritty scenes on Emmerdale.

Paul told Vinny: "I'm going to make sure you never say anything about me ever again.

"When I was a kid and I'd done something wrong my dad would let me know I'd done something wrong.

"You're a slow learner Vinny – and this is a lesson you will never forget."

Then camera then pulled away to shield viewers from the violence while Paul was seen kicking Vinny on the floor.

Vinny was raised by Mandy Dingle after monster Paul left them and he views her as his mother.

They met when he was just nine months old – during a date she had with Paul, who returned to the soap last year wanting to see his son.

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