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Emmerdale spoilers – Cains heartbreak, Mack’s affair and Livs marriage trouble

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It’s about to be another bumpy ride for some of the residents in Emmerdale this week as things are about to become awkwardly tense in the Yorkshire Dales.

Emmerdale spoilers reveal emotions are running high in the Dingle household as Faith desperately attempts to visit her grandchildren without supervision before her death.

As the loving matriarch plots a way to spend time with the young ones, she also assigns Cain the lasting power of attorney after she makes the difficult decision to sign up for a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order.

Will the family be able to settle their differences in time?

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Elsewhere, Liv’s marriage is put in danger when her scheming mother Sandra attempts to break her daughter’s sobriety by switching her drink with an alcoholic one.

Meanwhile, Mack’s secret affair with a mystery woman is eating away at his conscious as he is forced to decide whether or not to tell his girlfriend Charity about his deception.

Cain fears for Faith

As Faith’s terminal illness continues to worsen, the loving grandmother makes it her mission to see her grandchildren without supervision.

But things start to take a turn for the worse when Faith surprises them with a chameleon she has stolen from the vets.

And it doesn’t take long before chaos ensues after she loses the cold-blooded creature which somehow finds its way to Al at the bar in the Woolpack.

With the chameleon returned, Cain and Chas are left fuming with their mother after going against their wishes, but their heart breaks for her when Faith begs them not to stop her making memories with the tots before her death.

Faith is left heartbroken when Chas and Cain stick to their guns about her ability to look after their children, as she convinces herself that this is yet another thing being taken away from her.

When all signs point to the long-standing character relinquishing control of her life over to her children, she decided to give Cain the lasting power of attorney after she ordered a DNR.

Cain seeks advice from Ethan as he goes through the power of attorney registration form but the adoring son is left utterly shocked when he arrives at Faith’s house to discuss her dying wishes.

Faith is seen completely distressed and confused to the point where she believes her son is actually Shadrach, as she jumps up from the table and brandishes a frying pan and screams at him to get away.

But will they be able to organise her final wishes before she deteriorates past the point of medical support?

Liv’s marriage in danger

At the start of the week, Sandra convinces Gabby to speak to Vinny about his ‘marriage’ problems with Liv which leads Vinny to open up about his sex life where he confesses he’s never had sex.

And it’s fair to say things turn awkward when Liv walks in to see the pair awkwardly discussing the sensitive topic together on the sofa.

But she soon learns that Sandra is the brains behind the manipulative situation as she continues to break the childhood sweethearts apart.

It’s at this point that Sandra fills in Terry on her plan to disrupt Liv’s ongoing sobriety, as the long-lost mum jumps at the opportunity to sneakily switch Liv’s drink for an alcoholic one.

Liv naturally recoils when she takes her first sip leaving poor bartender Bob mortified at the suspicious mistake which the blonde beauty now fears has opened the door to her alcoholism returning.

The recovering addict is confronted when Vinny catches her out for not being honest about swallowing the alcohol which sends alarm bells ringing.

And he’s not the only one worried about her alcohol consumption, as his mother Mandy shares her concerns for Live while Sandra continues to fuel her insecurities surrounding her alcoholism.

With everything spinning out of control, Sandra suggests a last-minute trip abroad, and with Liv oblivious of Sandra’s malicious intentions, she agrees to her summer holiday.

But will we soon see her hit rock bottom once again?

Love is in the air

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Meanwhile love is in the air for many in the village as Al confesses his love for Chas after another wild night together as the brunette beauty hastily collects her things and leaves.

But Al is determined to show his love for her wasn’t just in the spur of the moment, as he reaffirms his love for her later that day, which soon leaves Chas falling madly in love with him.

Elsewhere, Mack starts to feel guilty about his ongoing affair with a mystery woman after he receives a number from a mystery woman telling him that their sordid secret is safe with her.

Ashamed of his betrayal, Mack confides in Nate where he reveals he has been cheating on Charity with someone else, but will he be able to come clean to the blonde bombshell?


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