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Emmerdale spoilers: Dog murder horror as Millie Tate's pooch Princess is locked in a hot car and left to die

EMMERDALE is set for another murder mystery next week as Millie Tate’s pooch Princess is locked in a boiling car and left to die. 

There will be a number of suspects including teenage soap villain Gabby Thomas after Princess soils her handbag, as well as Meena who’s set on reuniting her sister Manpreet with Andrea Tate's new man Charles. 

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Viewers will see Meena seethe when Andrea invites Charles away camping with her and Millie.

Later, Gabby is irritated when Andrea pops into Home Farm with her dog, Princess, to get Millie’s sleeping bag for the trip. 

The dog takes a dislike to Gabby and soils her handbag – much to her horror.

Meanwhile, Meena lies in wait for Charles outside the church and pretends to bump into him, sowing doubts in his mind about being with Andrea and hinting that it’s too soon for Millie to have another father figure. 

The following day, Gabby orders Noah to clean her handbag and tells him the dog is now on borrowed time. 

When Andrea leaves Princess tied up while heading to talk to Millie, a mysterious figure lures the dog into the parked car and slams the door shut. 

Princess boils alive in the car, scrabbling to escape to no avail.

Viewers will then discover who orchestrated the terrible ordeal for the dog. 

Will it be Gabby?

More importantly: will Princess survive?

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