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Emmerdale spoilers tease Meenas next victims, Tracy exit and Priya heartbreak

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Emmerdale fans have plenty to look forward to next week as Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that things are certainly heating up in the village.

Meena Jutla has been up to no good for several months, but now it looks like the murderer is about to strike again.

After holding her sister Manpreet Sharma hostage, Vinny Dingle tries to come to the rescue but his plan for their escape backfires.

Elsewhere Tracey Metcalfe is faced with a life-changing ultimatum when she receives a job offer in Nottingham.

But will her partner Nate Robinson be happy with the idea of her leaving the Dales with their child?

Also, Priya Sharma tries her best to feel normal again by returning to work, however, things become awkward when she is tempted to scratch her scars.

Meena next victim confirmed

Meena uses Vinny’s phone to send Mandy a message to reassure her that her son is fine and to also keep her away from her devious plans.

As Manpreet now sees Vinny as her escape route, she fills in Vinny on Meena’s previous victims and how she has killed once before.

Terrified by what he's hearing, Vinny reassures Manpreet that they’re both going to be fine and will get out safely.

Quickly remembering that his house keys are in his pocket he kicks the keys over to Manpreet just before Meena arrives back in the room.

Trying to ensure Manpreet is as docile as possible, Meena forces another dose of drugs down her.

Meanwhile, Vinny is left petrified, knowing that the end might be near when she wheels in an IV setup.

Elsewhere, over at the Doctor’s Surgery, Liam Cavanagh is extremely confused to discover that Meena’s medical records have no entry recorded regarding pregnancy or a recent miscarriage.

The following day, Manpreet tries to desperately fight the drugs in her system, and finally manages to reach the keys that Vinny previously threw over to her.

But Vinny is struggling too and loses consciousness before Manpreet manages to snap the cable ties on her hands and breaks free.

Surprisingly, when Meena returns to the barn, a freed Manpreet attacks her, wounding her sister’s wrist with a piece of wood.

Angered by her attack, Meena eventually regains power over her sister and subdues Manpreet before restraining her with fresh cable ties.

With the key now firmly out of Manpreet's reach, Vinny’s saddened to know their last chance of escape has possibly faded away.

Later on in the week, while in the doctor’s surgery, Liam’s concerns about Meena continue to grow when he sees blood seeping through a dressing on her wrist.

Trying to get to the bottom of Meena's antics, Liam reveals that he knows about Meena’s fake pregnancy.

Trying to ensure she covers her tracks once again, Meena threatens to accuse Liam of sexually harassing her at the surgery Christmas party if he continues to investigate her whereabouts.

When she returns to the barn, manic Meena informs terrified Vinny and Manpreet that Liam’s interference has escalated her plans and as such, today will be their final day alive.

A while later, Meena drives the Dingle van into the barn. As she closes the barn doors, Manpreet and Vinny are terrified; aware there’ll be no escape from the exhaust fumes belching in from the vehicle.

Will the pair be able to escape?

Tracy's exit

Tracy and Nate's relationship has been on the rocks for quite some time, but next week their romance will be put to the test once again.

During the week, Tracy asks Nate to look after their daughter Frankie whilst she goes to her PND seminar.

Nate is excited to see that the atmosphere between the two of them is finally beginning to thaw.

Later on, Sam offers Nate some words of encouragement and gives his advice on how to win Tracy back.

However, Tracy has other plans, as she later converses with Charity Dingle about a job offer she's received in Nottingham, but she worries about the disruption it could bring to her personal life.

But Tracy is thrilled by Charity’s support when she encourages her to go for it

Despite feeling enthusiastic, Tracy’s heart is torn when she sees the pain on Nate’s face after she explains to him that she and Frankie are moving to Nottingham for her new job.

Feeling angered, Nate reels over Tracy’s revelation about potentially leaving the village for good.

Nate also undermines her regarding her ability to cope in a new city alone with Frankie which causes Tracy’s insecurity to resurface.

As she abandons the idea of her new life in a brand new city, Nate starts to feel guilty about his harsh words and the fact that he may have crushed Tracy's dreams.

Priya's heartbreak continues

In order for his sister Priya to feel like her normal self, Jai asks Leyla Cavanagh if Priya could get back to working in the office.

Going back to work, Priya is certainly willing and determined on her first day back, but she begins to struggle with the discomfort from her burns.

Later on, Priya becomes stressed out when a forceful and unhappy client barges in on the warpath.

However, Priya’s on the ball as she fields Cassie’s inquiries, but her urge to scratch her scars consumes her.

When she finally exits the salon, Priya is distressed and annoyed to overhear Cassie making light of her need to scratch her scars.

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