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Emmerdales Chloe unmasks Al Chapmans secret lover – and its not Chas

Emmerdale fans have been left frustrated as Chas Dingle and Al Chapman's affair remains undiscovered by other residents of the Dales.

Tuesday's episode saw Chloe Harris continue in her attempt to uncover the identity of whomever the businessman had cheated on her mother with.

She had previously worked out that his mistress has a child from another relationship, when she found and printed out Al's bank statements.

Originally Chloe had thought Al had rekindled his romance with ex-girlfriend Priya Sharma, but when she confronted Priya, it soon became clear that Priya had been working while Al had been at a spa retreat with his new lover.

Chloe's suspicion then turned to Moira, and she promptly discussed this theory with Chas, who was in fact Al's secret lover. 

Chloe said: "It's Moira. I mean I know she already had an affair with Nate, he told me that and I'm not being funny but if she can sleep with the farm hand under her husband's nose she can definitely go there with Al.

"Al bought the house for her, they were going to take Isaac away from his dad, they had it all planned.

"Look the only reason I'm telling you is because when it all comes out it might affect Cain's case but it explains everything. This is why Moira's disappeared."

Instead of confessing the truth, Chas was quick to agree and place the blame on Moria, responding: "You can't share this with anyone. It happened, okay? Al's dead and Kerry's done the right thing and made up her mind to move on.

"She needed to forget and I think you do too, Chloe, because say it is Moira – what are you hoping to achieve? To bring her home to all the memories, to all the grief and to the anger?"

Fans were quick to take to social media to share their frustrations after Chloe came so close to discovering the truth.

Posting to Twitter, one wrote: "Even if Chas had a sign round her neck proclaiming, 'it was me who Al was having the affair with,' she would still be none the wiser #Emmerdale."

Another added: "Not being funny, but if people don’t find out Chas was the one having an affair with Al I’m gonna throw hands."

While some others poked at some plot holes in the soap's storyline, with one asking: "With Bernice, Mandy, Chloe AND now Priya on the case… How has non of them spoken to Belle, Al's business partner so she can say: oh yeah, it's Chas! hahaha."

And another joked: "So we all know it's Chas, BUT how is Chloe only thinking that Al could only have had an affair with someone from the village… does nobody live outside?"


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