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Everyone On 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' Has Kissed Each Other, With One Exception

For over two decades, Whose Line Is It Anyway has been making people laugh. With its spontaneous skits and makeshift humor, the performers seem willing to do just about anything if it’s part of the joke- even kissing each other. However, there’s one member of the cast who hasn’t been kissed on the show, and you may be surprised at who it is. 

What is ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’?

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Whose Line Is It Anyway is an improvisational comedy show in the model of a game show. When describing the show, the host often says, “Where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.” In other words, there is really no competition and the game show format is just another comedy device. 

The game is played by taking prompts from the host or suggestions from the audience. Then a group of four performers acts out the scenario, creating plots, storylines, and sometimes songs, all on the fly. The result is usually a hilarious situation. 

The American version of the show began on ABC in 1998 and was hosted by comedian, Drew Carey for eight years. Then, in 2013, the show was brought back on the CW network with a new host, Aisha Tyler, who is still hosting today. Whose Line Is It Anyway is now in its 16th season and features three recurring performers: Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, and Ryan Stiles. Each episode also features a fourth guest performer, as well as an occasional celebrity guest. 

The one person who hasn’t been kissed on ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’

The spontaneous skits acted out on Whose Line Is It Anyway will often call for a kiss between characters. During an interview on the Arsenio Hall Show, the cast discussed this topic. 

“We’ve all kissed each other at one point or another,” Stiles said, to which the rest of the cast nodded in agreement. 

“But do you all get to kiss Aisha?” the host, Arsenio Hall asked the group. 

The entire Whose Line Is It Anyway cast immediately started shaking their heads and saying “no,” especially Tyler. 

“Eww, a girl?!” Stiles added. 

Tyler then made a joke about having a restraining order out on everyone in the cast. 

It’s clear from their reactions that the male comedians on the show are very respectful of their host, and don’t try to kiss her, even for a joke. Although, they seem to have no problem kissing each other for a laugh. 

‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ often uses adult jokes

The performers on Whose Line Is It Anyway seem to know that acting out a kiss will always be funny. But that isn’t the only way the cast gets laughs. It seems that anything adult-themed seems to make the audience giggle. 

Once when Brad Sherwood guest-starred on the show, he used network censoring to his advantage. “Do you want to see my fingers turn blurry?” Sherwood asked Brady and Stiles. He then held up his hands in what is obviously an obscene gesture. Of course, the network was forced to censor his gesture, making his fingers blurry. 

Back when Carey was hosting the show, he once pulled a suggestion that read, “Bad parental motivational speeches.” In response, Stiles pretended that he was talking to a child and said, “A Teacher? A Teacher? Honey, prostitutes make twice that money.”

The bottom line is that the cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway will pretty much do anything to make the audience laugh. But we’re glad they’re willing to put themselves out there because it’s so fun to watch. 

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