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Everything you need to know about Emmerdale’s Jimmy King actor Nick Miles

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As if facing up to the prospect of prison wasn't bad enough, Emmerdale's Jimmy King fears he's wrecked his marriage after an impromptu kiss with Mandy Dingle this week.

But as his wife Nicola remains in the dark about her husband's indiscretion, how much do viewers really know about the man behind the bumbling businessman?

We've done some digging, to dish the dirt on the last of the King clan left in the village.

Born in Moseley, Birmingham, Nick Miles was following in his father's footsteps with an acting career. His dad, John Bradney, was an actor and director of a local theatre company.

Nick's TV break as an actor came with the role of Chief Superintendant Guy Mannion in The Bill. The character appeared between 1993 and 2001 in the popular ITV drama set at Sun Hill Police Station, yet only actually featured in 13 episodes during that time.

He also played a policeman in a pop video for the song Come Back To What You Know, by the British rock band Embrace. It reached No6 in 1998 in the UK charts.

But in reality, the band that Nick rates most are punk pioneers The Clash. He moved to London from Birmingham as a teenager to follow the band. Decades later he relived that time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2006 in the award-winning play Meeting Joe Strummer, about the influence of the band's singer on two now middle-aged friends.

He says: "The Clash sort of gave you permission to be who you wanted to be rather than who you were brought up to be," reckons Nick. And he eventually met his idol.

Nick continues: "I did actually meet Joe. The Clash were touring in Brighton and me and my mate headed to the hotel bar they were staying in and just hung out.

"We went over and said hello and he was absolutely cool about us doing that. You felt you could sit there all night chatting to him. He was a very generous man."

Nick has returned to that encounter since finding fame in one of ITV's biggest shows.

"I'm starting to realise how difficult that can be because more and more people want to speak to me in the street," he said. "People are not always polite and I struggle with that a bit. I'm getting better but my wife tells me I should be more like Joe."

These days the wrong 'uns that Nick rubs up against are Emmerdale's dodgy Dingle clan. But one of his starriest credits is the 2002 Martin Scorcese film Gangs Of New York, alongside screen big hitters like Leonardo diCaprio and Cameron Diaz.

Nick arrived in Emmerdale in 2004, alongside brothers Carl and Matthew and their dad, mogul Tom played by former Corrie star Ken Farrington. The youngest King son Max followed later. But following their deaths in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2012, Jimmy is the last man standing. And Nick's delighted to still be in a job!

He has said: "You don't become an actor to stay in the one job. I only intended to do a year but I've been very lucky. Jimmy King has been at the heart of some cracking storylines and the twists and turns have kept it interesting."

In real life Nick is married to Stephanie Lumb, and announced that he was getting married at the 2006 National TV Awards.

He reportedly gushed at the awards: “I’m getting wed – It’s very exciting.”

A source told The People at the time: "Nick's over the moon. He's been smiling all week and couldn't wait to break the news."

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But there was plenty of laughter in the Emmerdale green room when Nick learned that new arrival Jimmy was getting a screen wife, Sadie, played by none other than Patsy Kensit.

He said: "The Monday after I arrived there was a newspaper report saying Patsy Kensit was coming in to be my wife. I remember walking into the green room like a terrified zombie and everybody pointing at me and saying, 'here he comes, Mr Kensit'."

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