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Four in a Bed viewers call out game players after harsh review

Four in a Bed: Owners react to ‘weird’ review

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The couple met when they were just 16 years old whilst working in a pub together before eventually going on to marry and open their own B&B together. They welcomed couples Dee and Gary Allen, Georgie Wheeler and Paul Watts, and finally Stu and Lou Charman, and hoped to make a staggering start to the competition. However, viewers were adamant that they had already spotted the “game players” after picking up on “weird” review comments.

Michael and Danielle welcomed all the couples to their B&B before they left them to inspect their rooms.

Beginning to inspect, Lou dived into the wardrobe and took a closer look at the bed covers.

Pulling the duvet back, Stu asked: “Nice linen?” to which she replied: “Yeah, nice and white!”

Looking out of their window, Lou disappointingly commented: “Oh, the view… it’s not very pretty is it?”

Stu agreed and added: “No, it’s too remote for us.”

For the day’s activity, to get to know one another a bit better, Michael and Danielle took the guests to a brewery where they received a personalised tour.

Sitting down for a chat, Michael and Danielle opened up about their relationship and how they became owners of the B&B.

Along with Danielle’s business degree, Michael revealed he had a speciality in cooking which left the guests excited for his home-cooked breakfast in the morning.

After a good night’s sleep, the guests sat down for their breakfasts where they all ordered either the half or full monty, full English breakfast.

Commenting on his breakfast, Stu noted: “Are your eggs nice and runny? Mine is a little bit over, I like mine to go all over my toast.

“I thought the breakfast was really good, just a shame about the egg really. I am sure Michael would be disappointed that my egg wasn’t runny.”

When it came to reviewing their stay Stu and Lou gave high scores for all their categories, including the breakfast, but decided that they wouldn’t stay again.

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Michael and Danielle looked through the review and were shocked to see that the couple had decided to not return despite the high marks.

Michael exclaimed: “No! That is gutting, genuinely gutting. It seems a bit weird because I think that is quite a high score across the board.”

Danielle quipped: “Keep a keen eye on the competition going forward.”

Viewers of the show were also left stunned by the no return from Stu and Lou and took to their Twitter accounts to express their concerns about the “game players”.

@RedlipsJill stated: “Slightly overcooked egg. Too remote. Game players. #fourinabed.”

@Pottymouthbaby2 commented: “#fourinabed always one lot that are game players from the start.”

Sheila Mansley said: “No to staying again as it’s too rural. What’s that got to do with the best value? Rubbish #FourinABed.”

@KJWXXX noted: “Surely it’s about the B&B, not the location? Unfair – poss game players? #fourinabed.”

@msjenmac expressed: “I can’t get over them saying it was too remote! I don’t drive and I wouldn’t use that as an excuse, plus it had houses and pavements and everything, that’s not remote! #fourinabed.”

@EmmaDale022 fumed: “#fourinabed omg minus one point for a SLIGHTLY overcooked egg.” (sic)

Four in a Bed airs weekdays from 5pm on Channel 4.

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