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Game Of Thrones Star Thought The Show Would End Much Differently

The final season of Game of Thrones was filled with surprises and unexpected developments, many of which were not exactly universally loved. One of the least predictable moments came in the action-packed Episode 3, when Arya Stark, played by Maisie Williams, kills the evil Night King. Williams has now revealed that co-star Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow, was expecting to do the deed.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Williams stated that Harrington told her the original plan was for Snow to kill Night King–or at least, that’s what he was told. “[Harrington] expected it to go that way, too,” she said. “He even said, ‘It was going to go that way. Someone told me in Season 3 that I was going to kill The Night King.’ And then, he read the script, and it was Arya the whole time.”

“I think it would’ve been too obvious,” Williams continued. “I’m glad that it was Arya, honestly. I think I had the best storyline of the final season.”

Williams also spoke about The New Mutants, the much-delayed X-Men spin-off, which finally hit theaters last month. Although she has previously expressed frustration about the fact it took three years for the movie to reach the screen, she admitted the extra publicity was good for the movie.

“There’s so much mystery as to why this film was shelved for so long, and really, I think it was a lot simpler than any of us really had thought,” she said. “The drama and the excitement of, like, ‘It was supposed to be reshot and it’s supposed to be terrible,’ I think that just draws people’s interest. I mean, that’s just free promotion for three years. There are people who wish that they had people talking about their films.”

While Game of Thrones itself has finished, there is a spin-off prequel show on the way. House of the Dragon will be set 300 years before the events of the main show, and will focus on the rise of House Targaryen. The series will consist of 10 episodes, and HBO programming chief Casey Bloys previously stated that he was hopeful we would see it in 2022. In addition, creator George RR Martin continues to work on the next book in the series, although we’ve learnt not to hold our breath for that.

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