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GB News uproar as Angela Levin claims Meghan left Harry to the lions

Prince Harry ‘has no control over his mouth’ says Lady C

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The royal commentator joined GB News presenter Nana Akua to discuss the interviews that Prince Harry carried out by himself, touching on his memoir Spare. Angela claimed that Meghan Markle had left her husband to “the lions” when writing the book, whilst branding her actions as “savvy”.

Speaking to Angela, Nana asked: “Right, so what are all your thoughts on all of this? What’s been going on, what have you seen?”

Angela began: “Well I think one of the things is where is Meghan? People have asked and she is not there.

“She has left Harry completely alone and some people are saying well she has done that so he can absorb all of the spotlight, so she doesn’t take any of the spotlight away from him.

“But I don’t think that at all, I think she can’t bear not to be in the spotlight.

“And also that in his book when he thanks people without mentioning his family, of course, he says thanks to her he couldn’t have done the book, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, there are four of them there.

“I think well, what sort of wife would let their husband go through with that.”

“I can’t help but laugh,” Nana replied as Angela continued: “With terrible things about weeing in his pants an hour before he met her for the first time.

“Wouldn’t you say ‘Darling, please don’t you think that is going a bit far, you’re not going to look good?’

“He looked so awful in so much from the book that actually, I think it is a real error that she didn’t help him and she didn’t tell him.

“Because he does what she wants, we know exactly that if she tells him something if she says he has got to do something he does it.

“But here, she has just left him to the lions and I think she is quite savvy about what works with people and what doesn’t.

“She is quite savvy, she is more savvy than Harry, she has got more experience than Harry, and she would know that this wouldn’t go down well, so she has just left him.”

Nana disagreed with Angela’s remark about Meghan and claimed: “Really? I don’t think she is that savvy.”

Viewers of the programme were left divided by her comments, with Ben Crawford tweeting: “Holy s*** are you STILL talking about this?!?!?!” (sic)

Mike Bridges shared: “Just can’t believe this obsession when are you going to move onto proper news oh sorry you can’t.” (sic)

While @GaryLovejoy added: “More a case of Angela Levin trying to keep herself relevant and in the news!” (sic)

“Why are you still talking about her? STOP, just STOP talking about her and she’ll stay out of the “Spotlight” whether she’s with him or not she’s in the spotlight because you keep talking about her,” @TheVillageKid said.

Veena Khetia went on to ask: “Why, are you missing Meghan? Looks like you can’t get enough people to watch your channel.” (sic)

Catherine agreed with Angela’s comments, as she penned: “She has a point. Meghan was vocal in the beginning and now look… Nowhere to be seen.” (sic)

Defending Meghan and the comments made against her, Liz expressed: “When Meghan was with him all the time holding hands you all b****y moaned.

“Now you’re b****y moaning she isn’t with him, damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t, pathetic.” (sic)

Nana Akua airs Saturday and Sunday from 4pm on GB News.

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