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Gino D'Acampo shocks viewers as he strips down to mankini and makes filthy jokes to Gordon Ramsay in Xmas special

GINO D'Acampo stripped down to a 'mankini' in freezing cold conditions on his Christmas special with Gordon Ramsay and  Fred Sirieix.

He also made a countless filthy jokes to his mates as they went on a road trip to deliver a letter to Santa for his daughter Mia, eight.

Desperately Seeking Santa which aired tonight showed the trio head to Lapland.

Viewers loved the lads getting back together for another road trip series and were intrigued when they decided to go for a dip in a frozen lake.

Gordon and Fred donned traditional swimsuits, but became concerned when Gino was reluctant to drop his robe.

"What do you mean you've got shorts on," Gino asked Gordon who revealed he was wearing blue board shorts.

While his mates were concerned he might be completely starkers, it turned out Gino had decided to don the Versace-print inspired mankini.

Gino's unconventional swimwear was of no use when it came to trying to brave the frozen lake.

The TV chef struggled to even dip his toes in the water, while Fred and Gordon went completely in.

"It's going to go inwards," Gino complained about his manly parts before trying to take the plunge.

Gino hilariously squatted into the water, with the cameras giving viewers a full view of his exposed behind.

"Are you for real," he screamed as he tried to go in.

He said after the experience: "I put my foot in until my knees and it hurt like hell, like you wouldn't believe it."

Viewers couldn't believe what they'd seen and took to Twitter to express their views.

One Twitter fan wrote: "Gino turning up in his mankini was pure hilarious!"

Another added: "All the laughs, just what I needed. Thank you Gino, Fred and Gordon! That mankini."

And a third said: "Omg I’m crying with laughter at @Ginofantastico #GordonGinoandFred in his #mankini. I wouldn’t be going in there either Gino."

The series continued with the men's antics and filthy innuendos, including Gino humping a tree at one point.

But the Italian chef surprised everyone when he was "the most calm" when swimming in a frozen lake under a thick layer of ice.

Fans loved seeing the lads return and praised them for bringing some fun in to a dire year.

The good news for viewers is that their road trip series has been renewed for two more seasons.

The chefs extraordinaire will be back for a whole world of new adventures that will see them take their RV, culinary skills and determination to wind each other in new locations.

ITV announced two new series of their road trip cooking shows and two Christmas specials for mates Gordon, Gino and Fred.

This year, the second series of their hit show, Gordon, Gino and Fred: American Road Trip, averaged an audience of 6.6million viewers earlier in the year.

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