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‘Glad I’m not playing!’ Bradley Walsh blasts The Chase’s ‘most ridiculous question’

The Chase: Bradley Walsh comments on difficulty of question

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Bradley Walsh welcomed four new players onto The Chase on Monday afternoon. Ron, Lauren, Louise, and Oli were the contestants taking on Chaser Darragh Ennis in a bid to win a cash prize. However, ITV host Bradley made it clear he wasn’t impressed with some of the questions on the quiz show, branding them “ridiculous” and “tricky”.

Oli was the first player to step up and performed well in his cash builder round, managing to secure £6,000 for his prize fund.

However, when he went head to head with Darragh an unusual question came up.

Bradley read out the question: “Which of these words is a combination of the names of a popular TV duo?”

Both Oli and Darragh answered quickly after seeing the answer options were: Decant, Jackal, or Patron.

“You’ve put ‘decant’,” Bradley said, after Oli had locked his answer in.

Explaining his thoughts behind the answer, Oli said: “Ant and Dec, but I mean it’s the wrong way around for ‘decant’ so I’ve probably gone wrong.”

As Bradley revealed the player had actually got the question correct, he said: “Of course it must be Dec and Ant or Ant and Dec, whichever way you want to look at it.

“But nonetheless, the most ridiculous question we’ve ever had in 10 years of The Chase,” the presenter remarked.

This wasn’t the only question in the quiz Bradley took issue with as he later hit out at another.

While contestant Louise was facing the Chaser, Bradly read the question: “Based on literal translations, which of these could be the title of Homer’s ‘Iliad’?”

The answer options were: Finding Plato, The Lying King, and Troy Story.

Louise chose “The Lying King” as her answer, but confessed she wasn’t feeling confident.

“I don’t know unfortunately,” she admitted.

Bradley remarked: “I’m glad I’m not playing, I tell you these are tricky aren’t they?”

“They are today, yes,” Louise agreed.

The presenter then revealed the correct answer was in fact Troy Story and as a result of her mistake, Louise was knocked out of the game.

However, despite the challenging questions, Ron, Lauren, and Oli managed to make their way to the Final Chase.

The trio of contestants took on Darragh and managed to beat him after an intense final round.

Having built up £15,000 in their joint prize fund, the players took home £5,000 each.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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