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Gogglebox stars stopped drinking after embarrassing moment

Gogglebox: Jenny and Lee reveal why they no longer drink

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Since close pals Jenny and Lee first appeared on Gogglebox back in 2014, the two Hull friends have kept the nation entertained with their hilarious observations on the week’s best TV. However, when speaking to Radio 2, the duo confessed one incident that happened on the Channel 4 show which changed how they acted for future series.

With the latest series of Gogglebox making its return this month, Channel 4 viewers were thrilled to see many fan-favourites back to comment on the latest shows.

One of which includes best friends Jenny and Lee who often provide plenty of laughs with their on-screen mishaps and teasing of one another.

However, the duo revealed there was one moment from their debut in series four which led to them making a big change in how they filmed going forward.

Appearing on Radio 2 with Zoe Ball, the BBC presenter questioned how they felt during the early days they were on the show.

Addressing Lee, she asked: “When you first started, obviously slightly reluctantly you’re dragged on board.

“How was that? The first few times, was it quite nerve-wracking?”

Lee confessed they were totally nervous and had a bit of Dutch courage to help them when they first got to filming.

As Jenny replied: “We only had a few.”

Lee interjected: “No we never!”

The Gogglebox star admitted: “Well he had more than me, he started sliding off the settee!”

Laughing, Lee revealed he was really sliding off Jenny’s sofa after having too much to drink beforehand.

Jenny continued: “What we did was, when we saw that shot we stopped drinking, so now we don’t drink at all.”

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Lee added: “I think with the production team that comes to your house, in our case van, we’ve got a lovely producer called Faye.

“It’s just a family atmosphere, we’ve been doing it now for nine years.

“We’re family now, you don’t even know the cameras are there, the lights are there, it’s just, ‘let’s crack on’.”

Although they’ve been a key pair on the show since 2014, Lee confessed he wasn’t originally sold on the idea and had to be persuaded by Jenny.

Jenny was approached by two Gogglebox researchers at Beverley Races Ladies’ Day, after revealing she was a fan of the show they eventually asked her to star in it.

However, Lee told Hull Daily Mail: “I’d never heard of Gogglebox to be honest and I didn’t want to do it.

“I’d say it took her about an hour and a half to talk me into it – about as long as it took me to get me out of bed.”

Gogglebox continues Fridays on Channel 4 from 9pm

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