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Golden Balls star says show cut where rival said shed be disowned if she stole

Golden Balls star Stephen Bushnall revealed that the ITV show edited out parts of the show where rival Sarah made some bold statements.

Stephen was robbed from Sarah after she sold him a "bunch of lies" after she persuaded him to 'split' the prize fund with her.

The pair had both been stolen from on a previous show, but Stephen still decided to put his full trust in her despite being stung prior.

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The shocking moment took place in 2008 when contestant Sarah scooped the biggest win in the game show's history – £100,150.

Though Stephen revealed there were bits of the show that never made the cut, which made it feel even sourer for the TV star.

He exclusively told us: "There were bits that weren't put in the final show, just bits where she said 'Let's stand both side-by-side next to Jasper and open the balls'.

"And 'If I steal my family would disown me' and other bits like that.

"She said we were going to go for a meal and celebrate after.

"I think we talked for 5-10 minutes on the show, but it was edited down to a minute or two, there was a lot of t talking and we gave each other a big hug as we couldn't believe we were there and it was this much money.

"There were tears and I got quite emotional – and that is why she totally hook line and sinkered me because I was 100% certain she was going to split."

Stephen continued: "Everything that been said between us and in front of Jasper and the audience it led me to believe we were both going to put split, there was no doubt in my mind, we were going to go for a meal after and celebrate, all kinds of things like that were said by her.

"She played the game and she won."

Talking about how he felt at the time, he added: "My initial reaction was shock and then I was starting to think of the debts I was going to pay off and how it was going to change my life – but then it went from shock to a gut-wrenching feeling."

The hit ITV show was hosted by Jasper Carrott and at the end, two players went head to head to decide to split or steal the money.

If both players chose to split, the prize pot would be divided evenly. If both chose to steal, both went home with nothing. And if one chose split and the other chose steal, the thief took home everything.

The concept ran for six series between 2007 and 2009.

Stephen starred on the show twice – first in 2007, before being brought back a year later for a second round.

The Northerner chose to split both times and unfortunately lost both times.

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